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 Interesting links.

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PostSubject: Interesting links.   10/8/2008, 23:11

Greetings, everyone,

These are a few links that can be useful to your journeys through the world.

Unofficial RP community site for the Venture Co. Check them out!

A good source if you're looking to read up on lore. If you want to know more about your race, or world history to place your character's story in, this is the place to go.

Handy to look up items, quests, maps, etcetera.

Wowinsider's "All the world's a stage" guides
Very interesting RP guides, especially the introductions to RPing the races of WoW. Be sure to check it out.


I don't have a great deal more links right now, but feel free to mention any links you might know of.


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PostSubject: Re: Interesting links.   11/8/2008, 16:34

Let us not forget our dear thotbott. sometimes it has stuff that wowhead doest have or more accuratly.

Mmo-Champion for in you are looking for some regular news, given out in a clear ordered way.

A great blogging site on all things wow related. From Arena till lvling guides for newbs and all inbetween. (RP to)

Blue post tracker
Good site to track all made blue posts. Carefully ignores the spammed sections as website bugs and other unimportant stuff. Also use by the blues themself.

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Interesting links.
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