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 Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)

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PostSubject: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   9/11/2010, 22:20

OOC Section 1

The Shatterskulls are a roleplaying (RP) guild, and as such if you are not interested in roleplaying this isn't the guild for you, and we encourage you to and wish you luck in finding a guild which best suits your playstyle. You don't have to have any RP experience to join, only an interest and basic knowledge of RP.

1) Are you interested in Roleplaying?

2) Please briefly explain what Roleplaying is.
-Roleplaying is experiencing the game from your character's PoV and also acting and speaking as if you were your character (IC) so no l33tspeak or anything related to something OOC.

3) What RP experience (if any) have you had?
-I migrated here from the Defias Brotherhood RPPVP realm and there I did some RP with my friends and my friend's guild. Oh and some random RP too. So yes. I have experience.

4) Please state three rules of RP.
-As I said, NO L33TSPEAK. Don't talk about anything (ICly) that's related to OOC stuff like "Omg Have you seen Avatar? It's so good you should definitely see it!". And your character doesn't know everything, like another people's names or guilds, so you can't call random people by their names, because your character doesn't know the name yet.

IC Section

Ah, hello there! No doubt if youíre reading this, you are probably very interested in applying to join the Shatterskull Marauders, a blood thirsty, slightly manic warband, might I say with an affinity for fighting, drinking and plunder! Sound like your kind of thing? If so fill out these simple questions and weíll get back to you! Make sure you fill them out in as much detail as possible Ė though we donít want your life story. You can save that for another day!

Don't worry at all, it's almost impossible to fail this application! We just want to know a bit more about you, that's all.

Blood and Thunder!

- Kharn Blackeye.

1) First of all, itís really helpful if you share with us your name. Your full name preferably. Silly nicknames to be added afterwards. Donít ask about my own - long story involving a party trick...
-My name is Azgaloth Brightwood, but people call me Saaste. Why? It's quite a long story, I can tell you later.

2) So from what race do you hail?
-I am a Forsaken. To be precise, a high elf that died when Arthas attacked Silvermoon, and then raised by Sylvanas and the other Forsaken.

3) Tell us a little bit about yourself, keep it short, simple and snappy. Sum up your life so far!
-I was a high elf, not interested in any kind of studying, just sitting in the woods and writing stories, living a quiet life. The day Arthas attacked Silvermoon, I asked if I could be of any assistance to our forces. They told me to go scouting. I never returned, and unlike general knowledge, I got killed by the Scourge. Because I disappeared so quickly everyone thought I fled. That's why I am called Azgaloth the Coward by some Blood elves who knew me during the attack. I had no interest whatsoever to return to Silvermoon as a Forsaken. So I decided to travel the world and forget my past life. This is where my choices brought me.

4) What do you specialise in? Fighting? Magic? Dodgy deals? What is your area of expertise?
-I am rather skilled in stealthed combat, and now that you mentioned it, I also might be a good contact for dodgy deals and black marketing...

5) The Alliance, The Scourge and The Burning Legion; What are your personal feelings about these forces?
-I hate the Alliance, The Scourge disgusts me and I detest the power-hungry Burning Legion. Next Question, please.

6) What is your most prized possession?
-I have multiple items that I've gathered on my travels around Azeroth.

7) How did you hear about the warband?
-Someone accidentally stepped on my foot in the Ratchet inn and frightened, asked if I was one of the 'Marauders'. I asked him some questions about these 'Marauders', and he told me to come to you if I wish to know more.

8 ) Why do you wish to join the warband?
-I have very few allies, which are useful, and I also heard that you fight and drink!

9) Why should we take you?
-As I said earlier, a shady dealer like me may be useful to anyone.

10) And finally, sum yourself up using one word, and one word only!

OOC Section 2

Thanks for applying to the Shatterskull Marauders! Should you successfully pass the IC part of our interview, we may require some additional information to help us work out the best options for Marauder Raiding, RP and PvP. So if itís possible could you please answer the questions which apply to you below:

Level 80 OOC Questions

1) Where did you hear about us?
-The LFRP channel, when I had just migrated, I was asking if there's any RP guilds here, and someone whose nickname was Sassy (or something like that, I'm very bad at remembering names, sorry :S) told me to check out this site.

2) What are your professions?
-Engineering and Jewelcrafting (skill is still about 120 so I'm no real use with that)

3A) Do you intend to raid?
-Well it would be cool, but I'm a bit more for the RP side of the guild.

3B) What content do you think you are currently geared to raid?

3C) Do you think you'll level fast enough to join our raid progression in the new expansion?
-I'll get Cataclysm after my exams, which is Christmas so I'll be a bit behind you all but when I get Cata I should be leveling finely.

4A) Do you intend to PvP with us?
-Actually I like PvP more than PvE, so YES please! Smile

4B) What kind of PvP are you interested in (BG premades/Arena/WorldPvP)?
-I'm totally new to arenas, thanks to not finding a good arena team until now (my cousin plays on this realm, that's why I migrated; to play PvP with him), but I like all of those PvP categories though.^^

So this is my application for the Shatterskull Marauders, I hope you like it! I should be quite active when school's not stressing me (exams before christmas and before summer holidays) or when I'm having a break from the game. I am a Finnish high school student in Luxembourg, and soon to be 16. I hope that the age's no real problem to you, at least no other guild has ever complained about my behaviour so I should be fine, heh.
Thanks for your time!

Edit: In case it wasn't clear, my character's name (in-game) is Saaste, not Azgaloth :p

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PostSubject: Re: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   10/11/2010, 10:07

Saaste wrote:

7) How did you hear about the warband?
-Someone accidentally stepped on my foot in the Ratchet inn and frightened, asked if I was one of the 'Marauders'. I asked him some questions about these 'Marauders', and he told me to come to you if I wish to know more.

I'm guessing A: Roed or B:Ranorack.
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PostSubject: Re: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   10/11/2010, 12:09

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our application, An officer will be in touch with you in game as soon as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   10/11/2010, 18:18

Oh dear, he heard of the marauders IC Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   10/11/2010, 18:22

To be honest with you, I didn't... Embarassed I just had to make up something for it and I thought that was fine Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)   

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Azgaloth Brightwood (undead rogue)
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