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 Soresha Falstar- Warrior

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PostSubject: Soresha Falstar- Warrior   3/1/2011, 01:04

OOC Section 1

The Shatterskulls are a roleplaying (RP) guild, and as such if you are not interested in roleplaying this isn't the guild for you, and we encourage you to and wish you luck in finding a guild which best suits your playstyle. You don't have to have any RP experience to join, only an interest and basic knowledge of RP.

1) Are you interested in Roleplaying?


2) Please briefly explain what Roleplaying is.

Changing your behaviour to that of an external (possible fantasy) figure.

3) What RP experience (if any) have you had?


4) Please state three rules of RP.

Respect others when RP
Do not use shorthand and smilies
Avoid in-game schizophrenia

IC Section

1) First of all, its really helpful if you share with us your name. Your full name preferably. Silly nicknames to be added afterwards. Dont ask about my own - long story involving a party trick...

Soresha Falstar,

2) So from what race do you hail?


3) Tell us a little bit about yourself, keep it short, simple and snappy. Sum up your life so far!

Soresha Falstar, a member of a group of travellers derived from the swamp regions and through the necessity of survival also a natural concern for others I leant to fight hand to hand combat, from several masters of protection, teaching me how to control my rage and use it my advantage. Now I quest with my eternal companion Finklefluff Falstar whom I rescued whilst infiltrating a cult of over zealous idiots communicating with natural and some natural gasses.

4) What do you specialise in? Fighting? Magic? Dodgy deals? What is your area of expertise?

Fighting and shouting as loud as I can to detract attention away from others, protecting my allies with my oversized plate armour and spikey shield. I may be small in stature but I make up for it in ferocity in combat, I am a keen pupil but I still have a lot to learn about the warrior ways.

5) The Alliance, The Scourge and The Burning Legion; What are your personal feelings about these forces?

I dont have any warm fuzzy feelings towards enemies of the horde

6) What is your most prized possession?

My sword that wacks many

7) How did you hear about the warband?

Through Monk

8 ) Why do you wish to join the warband?

Would like to be a part of and represent a guild with Finklefluff, to learn more about the game and make new social contacts.

9) Why should we take you?

I am always willing to help others, polite, and committed (in a loyal sense).

10) And finally, sum yourself up using one word, and one word only!


Questions for those below Level 80

1) Where did you hear about us?

An existing member of the guild -Monk

2) What level is your character currently at?


3) How far do you think you will level your character?

All the way

3) What are your professions?

Mining & Engineering (I like gadgets)

4) What sort of activities do you intend to do once you hit 80/85 (eg PvP)?

I am new to WOW and Id like to explore the game as much as possible, PvE and PvP wise

5A) Are you an ALT from TVC?


5B) Awesomeness, who's your main character?

This is my main character

6A) Are you a reroller from another server?


6B) Glad to have you, what server is your main character on?
This one

6C) What do you hope to find here on The Venture Co.?

To enjoy the game

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PostSubject: Re: Soresha Falstar- Warrior   3/1/2011, 01:05

Hey and thanks for applying to the Marauders!

Application has been accepted, and an officer will contact you in-game soon enough to initiate you. Alternatively, feel free to contact them.

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PostSubject: Re: Soresha Falstar- Warrior   3/1/2011, 01:10

Has been accepted and initiated.

Enjoy your time with the Shatterskull Marauders Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Soresha Falstar- Warrior   

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Soresha Falstar- Warrior
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