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 Blood Elf Mage - Péri

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PostSubject: Blood Elf Mage - Péri   24/2/2011, 06:04

OOC Section

1) Are you interested in Roleplaying?
Iam but i'm not into heavy RP just nice relaxed casual

2) Please briefly explain what Roleplaying is.
Role play is assuming the role of the character you are playing, engaging other players in whatever situation happens to be occuring at the time, or maybe just in idle conversation.

3) What RP experience (if any) have you had?
not much

4) Please state three rules of RP.
No meta gaming
no power-moting
No Lolling
Respect all the other RP'ers
Stick to the actual lore of the game (as much as you can)

IC Secti

1) First of all, it’s really helpful if you share with us your name. Your full name preferably. Silly nicknames to be added afterwards. Don’t ask about my own - long story involving a party trick...
Péri Windermere

2) So from what race do you hail?

3) Tell us a little bit about yourself, keep it short, simple and snappy. Sum up your life so far!
Ex-Darkmoon Faire Ice sculperer traveling the world trying to earn her way

4) What do you specialise in? Fighting? Magic? Dodgy deals? What is your area of expertise?
Magic and seduction

5) The Alliance, The Scourge and The Burning Legion; What are your personal feelings about these forces?
i am neutral towards the Alliance.And i hate the Scourge and the Legion

6) What is your most prized possession?
i have nothing

7) How did you hear about the warband?
a new friend i ahve just made called Jaifelas

8 ) Why do you wish to join the warband?
i need a home and somewhere to have a good laugh

9) Why should we take you?
because every home needs a female

10) And finally, sum yourself up using one word, and one word only!

OOC Section

1) Where did you hear about us?
a new friend i made tonight

2) What do you hope to find in the Shatterskull Marauders?
just a nice bunch of people that like to chat

3) Do you intend to raid? If so you should contact Sylphi, our raiding officer and check the raiding section of the forums once you've been initiated.
im only level 26 so not at the moment

4) Do you intend to PvP?If so Thrakha, our PvP officer will have all the details about current PvP happenings.
i dont no about if i like pvp or not

Questions for rerollers and alts only

1) What level is your character currently at?

2) How far do you think you will level your character?
as far as i can

3) Who's your main character?
Péri level 85 priest on sporaggar

How active do you think you'll be on this character?
on when ever im not raiding with my main

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Elf Mage - Péri   24/2/2011, 06:09

9) Why should we take you?
because every home needs a female

Loooooooooool. xD


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PostSubject: Re: Blood Elf Mage - Péri   26/2/2011, 13:54

Character has been invited. Could we get a lock on this thread, please? Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Elf Mage - Péri   

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Blood Elf Mage - Péri
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