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 Harkor application. Orc Warrior.

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PostSubject: Harkor application. Orc Warrior.   9/4/2011, 00:15

OOC part.
1: I am very interested in Roleplaying.
2: Roleplaying is where one or more characters
play a special role, almost like an act.
In this case you play the life of a champion
or hero which works together with your
friends to achieve your goals.
3: I have Roleplayed at the alliance side of
The Venture Co. and alot at the Horde side of
The Defias Brotherhood.
4: -All conversation between characters without
((*sentence*)) are In Character.
-Clothes and Armor can not be changed instantly,
the same goes with a mount. you can't rub your
hands together and make a wolf in real life.
- Abbreviations are not allowed, Lol, omg and stfu
did not exist in a time like that.

IC part

1: My name is Harkor Stormfist.
2: I am Half Orc and half Mok'nathal.
3: I grew up with harsh training as a youngling.
But after a terrible battle, my closest parent died,
leaving behind nothing for me to live on.
A mercenary army called Cross came and found me.
The leader was a human who had escaped from Gilneas
called Karnon.He gave me food and a family. He also
trained meas his apprentice, so i knew to fight the
Lordaeron guards as they forbid mercenaries.
Cross got split when I still were Young, But i had
learned enough from my old master.
4: I specialise in Fighting at the greatest of ease.
I will not stop a battle until the foe have spilled
5: -The Alliance are destroying our homes and meddles
in our plans, they must be stopped.
-The scourge do not give an orc his well deserved
and glorious death. they must be destroyed.
-and The burning Legion corrupted our race and brought
Unbalance in our land. They must be Punished.
6: His Warsong Axe after his mother is very important to
him. he therefore never uses it in combat unless it's
a very important duel.
7: A friend of mine Told me about a Warband named Shatterskull
Maurauders. He told me that they were just what i was looking
for, And i hope it is.
8: I need a Warband i can call a family. someone i can ask for
help if it is needed, and someone i can share my tales with.
And i prefer not to fight alone.
9: Because i can be a great asset to the ranks And enjoy a good
conversation or a campfire.
10: Honorable.

OOC part 2
1: A friend of mine told me about you. and i think it sounded
2: A good Roleplaying community.
3: i like to raid, and probably will if something interesting
pops up.
4: PvP is what interests me the most.
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PostSubject: Re: Harkor application. Orc Warrior.   15/4/2011, 14:00

Sorry, seems we completely forgot this. Contact an officer ingame for an interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Harkor application. Orc Warrior.   24/4/2011, 11:45

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PostSubject: Re: Harkor application. Orc Warrior.   

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Harkor application. Orc Warrior.
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