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 Korgosh, shaman of the Horde

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PostSubject: Korgosh, shaman of the Horde   7/6/2011, 03:35

OOC Section 1

1) Yes, I am.

2) Roleplaying is interpreting a character (usually but not necessarily from a fantasy universe) as if the person was the character in cause, acknowledging the characteristics from the culture surrounding said character.

3) I've been roleplaying on my own since I started playing WoW, which was four or five years ago. Also, during some months, frequented a private server called Conquest Of The Horde, which was specifically for role-players, requiring one application similar to this one to create an account.

4) .Always speak IC while in /say
.Meta-gaming is not allowed (such as, per say, knowing a characters name before it introduced himself/herself)
.Power-emoting is not allowed (example: Dormur is IC dueling Felderen and uses the following emote: "Dormur punches Felderen straight in the face, crushing some teeth. Felderen then falls on the floor while everyone around cheers for the most awesome warrior in the world: Dorm."

IC Section

1) Korgosh Doomscream ((OOC: Wintersong is the name of the character, probably to be changed in the future, is a nickname with a story Korgosh would be willing to share, perhaps.))

2) I am a proud orc of the Warsong Clan.

3) I spent my share of years on the internment camps, from where I was freed along with the rest of my clan by our former leader, Thrall. Before that there isn't much that I feel like mentioning. After I was freed from the blood curse, I spent the following years with the Frostwolf in Alterac Valley, where I also earned some fighting skills against the pesky dwarves. On a more recent note, I joined most actively my own clan when we mounted our vanguard on the north. I serve the Horde, I am filled with honor by serving our new warchief, son of our old leader, Grom Hellscream and although I followed the ideals of Thrall, I can see the benefits in a more hostile stance against those who emprisoned us for so long.

4) I have been attuning myself with the elements and ask them for aid in combat, mostly calling thunder and flame on the foes of the Horde. However, when it comes to the Alliance, I have a special taste by piercing their flesh with claws while giving them the might of the elements.

5) As for the Alliance, my opinions vary slightly. Gnomes may die for all I care. I give credit to the dwarves for their smithing skills and I'm always happy to test my weapons against their armor. Night elves are decent warriors but I kill them on sight because I don't respect their fighting methods. You know, hiding in the forest and striking from behind... Humans are a despicable race that needs to be cleansed or at least pay for all their deeds against us. Draenei, I'm somewhat sad we can't get along because my people was forced to slaughter them by the demons. Their new allies, the wolf-people, are formidable foes and I can't wait to meet one on the battlefield.
The Scourge... What is there to think about? Mindless undead. They need to be utterly destroyed.
The Burning Legion is even more hateful than humans. They need to pay in blood for corrupting our people and for all the worlds they destroyed.

6) Tricky one... I don't really care about possessions as long as I get to watch the wonders of nature and burn some demons on the way.

7) Overheard some men talking on various occasions, until I've heard on Orgrimmar one of your recruiters talking.

Cool I need strong companions who wish to annihilate those who threaten the Horde war machine. I'm here to fight, both the Alliance, the Twillight's Hammer or whatever entities would rise against us. Also, I would appreciate some friends who share some tales of the road.

9) I can only offer some spiritual guidance, soothing rituals when asked and arms to fight. I am a proud shaman, able both to stand for myself and to follow orders. I can assure you you'll never regret adding me to your ranks.

10) Honor.

OOC Section 2

1) In game. Mostly for your recruiters. I'm largely interested in rp so I thought this would be a good guild for me.

2) RP, PvP both on the open and on Rated BGs/Arenas and some good quality PVE, not elitist jerks farming for the best gear to brag to all their friends, but people interested in progressing through the content to be more involved in the lore. Summing up, some lasting good friends are a hope for the future.

3) Wintersong (Korgosh Doomscream IC)

4) Probably online everyday. Some pauses between the act of buying game cards are possible depending on the cash available and must conceal everything with the University but I'll be most probably online on the evenings.
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PostSubject: Re: Korgosh, shaman of the Horde   7/6/2011, 10:53

I think we can find a place for you. Contact an officer in-game for an IC interview.
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Korgosh, shaman of the Horde
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