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 Application: Mabalama

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PostSubject: Application: Mabalama   10/6/2011, 01:23

OOC Section 1

The Shatterskulls are a roleplaying (RP) guild, and as such if you are not interested in roleplaying this isn't the guild for you, and we encourage you to and wish you luck in finding a guild which best suits your playstyle. You don't have to have any RP experience to join, only an interest and basic knowledge of RP.

1) Are you interested in Roleplaying?

Yes, I'm an old-style table-top RPG fan. Nuff said.

2) Please briefly explain what Roleplaying is.

Roleplaying is cooperative storytelling.

3) What RP experience (if any) have you had?

I started out playing basic DnD in the mid 80's. Then I moved on to more modern games such as Runequest, Call of Cthuhlu, MERP, Paranoia, Rolemaster, AD&D, Shadowrun, Vampire, or DnD D20. In the 1990s I played on a couple of text-based MUSH games, the precursors of MMPORPGs. I have been on WoW on and off since BC. Back then on my first main character I found it relatively easy to RP casually with other players on the server I was in (just a regular-style server, not even an RP server). I like PvE and I level slowly - after a number of years and several characters of various classes and races there's a whole lot of Azeroth I still haven't seen. I find the increasingly intense focus on endgame content, random BGs and the dungeon finder a drag but there's still room for enjoying the game with likeminded players.

4) Please state three rules of RP.

Try to separate your personal knowledge from your character's knowledge. You can even use your personal knowledge to play a more convincing ignorant character.

Be respectful of other role-players. You had to learn to do it, too, back in the day.

Don't be afraid to be creative but within bounds - learn the lore so you can play a convincing character.

IC Section

Ah, hello there! No doubt if youíre reading this, you are probably very interested in applying to join the Shatterskull Marauders, a blood thirsty, slightly manic warband, might I say with an affinity for fighting, drinking and plunder! Sound like your kind of thing? If so fill out these simple questions and weíll get back to you! Make sure you fill them out in as much detail as possible Ė though we donít want your life story. You can save that for another day!

Don't worry at all, it's almost impossible to fail this application! We just want to know a bit more about you, that's all.

Blood and Thunder!

- Kharn Blackeye.

1) First of all, itís really helpful if you share with us your name. Your full name preferably. Silly nicknames to be added afterwards. Donít ask about my own - long story involving a party trick...

Mabalama Jin'Atal of the Darkspear is da name

2) So from what race do you hail?

Can't ya tell a Troll when ya see one?

3) Tell us a little bit about yourself, keep it short, simple and snappy. Sum up your life so far!

I grew up learnin' to respect an' defend me tribe but Chieftain Vol'jin taught me dat we 'ave a greater allegiance to da 'Orde despite da new Orc leader what's 'is face, an' I should go out an' seek me fortune away from 'ome. I am still learning me way 'round Orgrimmar an' venturing out into da 'ostile rest of da world.

4) What do you specialise in? Fighting? Magic? Dodgy deals? What is your area of expertise?

All-round fightin', keepin' enemies at bay and protectin' friends. Gatherin' herbs for makin' potions.

5) The Alliance, The Scourge and The Burning Legion; What are your personal feelings about these forces?

Most dat I know 'bout dem I know from lore, mon. 'Umans are just a nuisance but Night Elves seem really 'ostile for no reason. I've 'eard of other strange races but I 'aven't met'em yet [Mm'kay, I take dat back - a Worg just ambushed me as I wrote dis, da bastard!]. Da Scourge give me da creeps - seriously bad juju there, mon - I'm not sure 'bout da Forsaken, der's good voodoo an' bad voodoo, I suppose. I'm glad the Burning legion were pushed back but dat woz before me time.

6) What is your most prized possession?

Me trusty bow, mon.

7) How did you hear about the warband?

From travelers relaxin' at da Inn in Orgimmar's Valley of 'Onor

8 ) Why do you wish to join the warband?

I wanna be da bestest warrior I can be an' da warband can help me get der.

9) Why should we take you?

Cuz I am da meanest, leanest troll warriors dat evah lived. Or soon will be, anyway.

10) And finally, sum yourself up using one word, and one word only!


OOC Section 2

Thanks for applying to the Shatterskull Marauders! Should you successfully pass the IC part of our interview, we may require some additional information to help us work out the best options for Marauder Raiding, RP and PvP. So if itís possible could you please answer the questions which apply to you below:

1) Where did you hear about us?

Trade channel announcement from Sylphi

2) What do you hope to find in the Shatterskull Marauders?

Casual RPing and fun guild chat.

3) Do you intend to raid? If so you should contact Sylphi, our raiding officer and check the raiding section of the forums once you've been initiated.

Yes, though it's not my primary focus. I'd love to do guild dungeon runs and questing with others.

4) Do you intend to PvP?If so Thrakha, our PvP officer will have all the details about current PvP happenings.

Yes. I'm more interested in doing it in an RP setting than in BGs unless with other guild members in the BG group. PvP is also not my primary focus but it's a hole in my playing skills and I'd like to learn more about how to do it effectively.

Questions for rerollers and alts only

1) What level is your character currently at?


2) How far do you think you will level your character?

Hopefully maximum level, but I'm not in a hurry - not even with my main.

3) Who's your main character?

Zanassua (lvl 53 blood elf rogue with Vile Thorn) is my main on this server. I also have some Alliance characters on a different server (Moonglade RP). My first ever character (Karrona, Night Elf Druid, is now lvl 54). My highest level character (Migusz) is a lvl 70 Human Paladin I made to play alongside my girlfriend when I introduced her to the game.

How active do you think you'll be on this character?

I'll be on at least once a week, at least a few hours each week. I will do my best to be there for scheduled events.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Mabalama   10/6/2011, 01:25

Gah, I didn't realise I wasn't logged in and that's why it wouldn't let me use my user name.

Oh, well.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Mabalama   10/6/2011, 02:50

Definitely accepted application. Invitation pending until after an interview. Seek out an officer next time you're in game!
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Mabalama   

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Application: Mabalama
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