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 Application for Koaki, The Orc Warrior

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PostSubject: Application for Koaki, The Orc Warrior   20/6/2011, 22:47

OOC section 1

1) Yes I am interested in Rp
2) Roleplaying is when you get together with a group of other players and basically act as your character
3) I started to Rp at the beginning of Wrath on the Alliance side, My Alliance Characters are in the Wardens of Azeroth (Don't worry I won't tell the warbands secrets to them Razz)
4) You can't use Smiles such as "Razz or XD", Can't use words like "Lol or Omg", And Don't bring OOC problems into the RP

IC Section

1) The name is Koaki Demonbane
2) Koaki is an Orc
3) Koaki was born two years before his clan the Frostwolves had traveled through the Dark Portal, He and his Older Brother were torn away from thier parents by the Humans and the pair were raised as Gladitors, After the Orcs were freed from captivity they had returned to thier old clan. Thier mother had already died and thier father was on his death bed, Before he died he had given his armour to Koaki and his Prized War Axe to Takan. They headed to Kalimdor with the rest of the Horde and had lived rather simple lives as Grunts, When they both returned to Outland, They were ambushed by a group of demons. When Takan was injured Koaki alone held off the group in which afterwards he got his title, during the invasion of the Scourge Koaki lost his brother Takan who before dying had giving him his Fathers War Axe. With the Defeat of the Lich King and the arrival of Deathwing and the Twilight Cult, Koaki was sent to battle their forces. Now on leave from the battle he has returned to Orgrimmar in search of a Warband.

4)Koaki specialises in close quaters combat
5) Before he had started to train as a shaman (Which he had failed at) he learnt patience, After having been helped by the Human known as Jaller he has been known to only attack the Alliance when attacked, With the Undead killing his Brother he has a distrust for the Undead, He has little tolerence for the Forsaken and will attack any scourge on sight. With the Burning Legion corrupting his race he is wary around Demons and will slay any "Uncontrolled" ones.
6) Koaki's most prized possession if his families War Axe.
7) Koaki was once a member of the Marauders back when they had Fray Island.
Cool Koaki is looking for a Warband and thought of returning to a past one
9) Koaki is a Loyal Warrior and will make a good friend
10) Honorable

OOC Section 2

1) I had orginally heard of the Guild from Brocnor who was a friend of mine from the Alliance and I thought when I Faction changed my Old Human Warrior over here That I could rejoin the guild
2) I hope to find a friendly guild to spend my time with on the Horde
3) If the chance comes up for me to raid then i'll accept
4) I'm always trying to improve my Pvp when I can

Thank you and I hope to join the guild soon

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Koaki, The Orc Warrior   20/6/2011, 23:15

Sounds good enough. Contact an officer ingame and we'll interview and bring you back in.
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Application for Koaki, The Orc Warrior
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