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 Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.

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PostSubject: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    30/6/2011, 15:40

Hey, name's Kesi (real name Florence) this is my (best) attempt at an application form.

1. Am I interested in RP? Yeah, since I started playing WoW almost four years ago I have always written backstories
for my characters, I like to imagine their lives, who they are, what they do, interests and character traits, there is
something so wonderfully thrilling about living someone else's life (especially if they're not exactly human lol) anyway,
I guess my point is, I am very interested in RP, however since finally plucking up the courage to server change and
join Venture Co I have been stuck trying to find some. I have a few friends on the realm (Drilacn, who I know in the "physical
realm") but aside from when I'm around him, don't really know where to go, it was Drilacn who pointed me first to a tavern in Orgrimmar
and second to you.

2. What is roleplaying? Taking on your character's (or "Avatar's" for the nooby, real world daily mail readers) life as your own,
you live through you character if that makes any sense, basically you act out their actions, feelings, thoughts ect. For the time
you are playing WoW, you *are* your character. For example I am my forsaken, who longs to return to the alliance all the while
knowing she cannot do so because of her unnatural, unholy form, so she constantly holds out for some kind of cure for undeath.

3. Rp experience. Where do I start, I'm a 17 year old larper. For those of you who don't know what LARP is, it stands for
Live Action Roleplay. This means every other weekend, (including this weekend) I don armour and latex weapon to fight
scary bad guys (Other larpers in plastic masks and plastic claws) in the middle of a Forest, at 11am on a Saturday. I also
take on personas of my characters, such as Farla, my sorceror with the mentallity of an 8 year old, Wolfgang, my cowardly thief
who was stabbed up by the party within the first five minutes of time-in or Freya, my incredibly nervous priestess with a stammar.
I also play Dungeons and Dragons, with a Goblin Gunmage in the Iron Kingdom setting. I have had *some* experience RPing in WoW
but not as much as at LARP (which i've been doing for over a year now).

4. Rules for RP.

1. Don't play someone related to Illidan. Or Arthas. Or Yogg'Saron (lol, but imagine the possibilities). It's best to avoid those "big screen"
names that everyone and their mother knows. You can't back it up. It isn't written in lore and you can't RP it well, unless you're chris metzen.
(If you ARE Chris Metzen, then feel free to disregard this info)

2. Don't talk about real life stuff, try not to break character until it's an emergency. And since the odds of breaking your ankle or being run over
by cyclists are severely decreased in WoW there should be even less chance to go OOC.

3. Don't god emote. Play nice, if your going to steal 100 gold pieces from my character, i want to see a dice roll or some credentials. You can't slit my throat
without at least trying to kill me first.

Anyway, I'll try to cut my ramble off now, hope to see you in-game for a drink or a cake sometime. Thanks for reading, Kesi/Florence. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    30/6/2011, 15:44

(Failed at the first hurdle, mes amigos. I didn't read the post about applications properly, here is the belated part two and three of the application)

IC Section:

1. *taps quill on parchment and thinks for a moment* My full name is Kesidra Oakenburough, however most folk call me Kesi.

2. Forsaken, can't you tell by the smell accompanying this letter?

3. As much as it may shock you, I wasn't always this way. Once upon a long time ago, I had a heart and a pulse and a finger, I had lot of
those. *holds up hand, to look at missing finger, then sighs suddenly* I was born in Stormwind, to a tailor and a blacksmith. I wasn't a fighter.
Not one of those heros you see walking the streets of the cities, I was an engineer. I made guns and arguably useful trinkets, watched from the sidelines
as others went to war. I never fought in war. I lived most of my life within the stone walls of Stormwind. Then, *sighs* the one day I decided to leave,
fate took me. I was thrown into the middle of a fight for my life, against the biggest orc you've ever seen. He was even bigger than the biggest orc you've
ever seen. Or at least, he seemed that big when I was clutching my insides and lying on the floor bleeding to death. Anywho, that's how it ended. Woke up
like this, in Silverpine. Still don't have any idea how I got there. I tried to go back home, but my own family turned on me when they saw me.
I figure, I'll make some friends here, do what I do, to the sir reading this letter, do you need a gun? Perhaps a scope? Or a little metal squirrel?

4. Engineering, although I've started training with the hunters here in Orgrimmar, perhaps by the time you read this letter, I'll stop missing the target. You never know. Now, how about a metal dragon? Look! Look what he does! Isn't it great?

5. I'm not happy with the alliance. They attacked me, after all the years I've spent repairing their guns, ungrateful... *grumble grumble*
The scourge? I've never seen them... but I've heard horrible things, from the tavern. Should I ever meet one, I think the first option is to run,
then, when I run straight into a wall, as I frequently do, to point my gun and shoot until it stop moving. The burning legion, again, I lived in Stormwind, but
I've seen warlocks. They've got demons with them and from the tavern, if I ever come accross something affillianted, run. Then run more.

6. My most prized possesion? My little metal squirrel friend. He hasn't even left. Not even now I'm different. I can make you one too, would you
like one?

7. I heard someone mention something about a "warband" and something that sounded like "shatterskull marauders" in the tavern the other night.
I asked and they showed me this application form.

8. I don't know anyone in the horde. Who can I trade with if I don't know anyone? It's a great opportunity, plus maybe they'll even be more
of these hunter folk, that I can learn from.

9. I can do this with my finger. Ha, no just joking. I'm... good at making guns? And squirrels! The world will always need more squirrels.

10. Squirrel.

OOC Section

(On the off chance you're still reading, I will fill out this bit too)

1. My real life friend plays a character called Drilacn on this realm, he told me about the guild a long while ago
but I only recently transferred.

2. I want to make friends, have some people to RP with, find new purpose in this game, drink too much in game
booze, have a damn good time and be able to Roleplay more than twice every two weeks.

3. It's unlikely that I'll raid, if my internet speed and level of time & skill improves then yes, but if not just assume
a "No thank you".

4. I really enjoy PvP, so if I get in I would definately be interested in getting involved in PvP events.

Many thanks for reading, if I don't get in thanks anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it
and I hope at the very least you get a little giggle out of it Smile

Take care, Florence Aka Kesi.

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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    1/7/2011, 12:03

Yeah I know this girl, so she gets a vouch from me.

Think of her as a new Peri
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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    1/7/2011, 12:44

The Soothsayer wrote:

Think of her as a new Peri

You're not doing much to support your friend here!=p

Anyway, please speak to myself or another officer for an IC interview please.
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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    1/7/2011, 13:23


"Life is the best game you'll ever play. A game without save points. A game where experience you earn is used to make yourself better and happier. A game with multiple endings. A game where you have the ability to grant another life. A game you can only play once."

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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    1/7/2011, 13:34

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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    2/7/2011, 08:31

Awesome, will ask for an interview in game. Most likely on Sunday as Saturday I'm larping my character with a stutter and a nervous disposition.

Flo/Kesi Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    23/7/2011, 20:27

Invited and sorted out, locked.
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PostSubject: Re: Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.    

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Kesi, Forsaken Hunter.
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