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 Sage Hurokh Stormcloud

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PostSubject: Sage Hurokh Stormcloud   1/7/2011, 17:20

1) Ever since i started playing WoW, i've been pretty much interested in roleplaying ^^

2) It's to Be the character, to live into the game.

3) I've been Roleplaying Alliance side on Defias brotherhood, and The venture Co, Alliance and Briefly Horde side.

4) 1. Be polite and respectfull to other Rp'ers. 2. Stay in character in /say, /yell, in emotes. 3. Dont god emote.

IC Section

1) My full name is Hurokh Stormcloud, Sage of Thunderbluff.

2) I'll hail from the Tauren of Mulgore.

3) There isnt much to be told about my life, Ever since i was born i shown that i had a close tie with the Elements, and when i Grow up i Became a Spiritguide, Like my father before me.

4) I prefer the Art of the Elements,

5) The Alliance..Ever since what they did to Camp Taurajo..I dont feel what i once did for them..The scourge, Some things are just plain Evil..and the Scourge and the Legion are Two of them, I cannot accept them..

6) My grandfathers Wolf-Helmet

7) One former friend of mine..told me about the Warband..and I thought that maybe..i could be a part of it.

8 ) To have a Home..A family..and to feel accepted.

9) Hopefully My skills as a shaman can prove Usefull to the Warband..Also im a excellent chef i can say it myself..

10) Understanding.

OOC Section 2

1) Talked with some Friends Horde side about a Roleplaying guild, and he said Shatterskull Maruders.

2) Hopefully some Amazing Roleplaying And PvPing, aswell nice people to Hang out with.

3) If i get a chance to raid, I would really much like to join. Smile

4) PvPing at the moment to a PvP gear, so im really Interested to PvP ^^

Dear regards, Hurokh.

Last edited by Hurokh on 2/7/2011, 11:36; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Sorry if some of the Questions are a bit short-answerd, But im having problems writing longer texts sadly.)
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PostSubject: Re: Sage Hurokh Stormcloud   2/7/2011, 19:50

Please contact myself or another officer in game for an IC interview, forum app accepted.
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Sage Hurokh Stormcloud
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