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 Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application

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PostSubject: Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application   29/11/2011, 15:39

1) Well I am relatively new to RP but I am really getting into it

2) Well I was being a bit nosy and I saw a bit of the RP you were doing down in Feralas and I really enjoyed watching you and would love to be apart of it

3) my definition of RP is that it tells the story behind the character you are playing and actually helps to progress your actual character and you connect with them more during RP and try to get inside their head.

4) I think to be a good Role Player a person must be able to stay in character and be able to think on their feet and try to be able to reply to anything that is said to them to keep the flow going.

5) I would like to raid more then PvP, however I have little experience but i am willing to learn if you would help me. I don't mind BGs and Arenas however I much would prefer to try and get into raiding.

6) As I said above I don't mind PvP but i would much prefer to ty become part of the raid team

General Questions

1) My name is Feralhorn and I am a Tauren of Camp Narache.

2) Although I am still a low level I am willing to fight for the War band and do the best I can

3) When I was only young my parent's were killed murdered even by the Quilboar which even now are trying to over run Camp Narache, so I have vowed to avenge my parent's

4) I am a Feral Druid so i have the unique ability to shape shift into different forms, preferably a cat this allows me to sneak upon the target and kill them before they know what's happened.

5) The only way to prove to you I lack these traits is for me to complete what challenges you throw at me to the best of my ability

6) I am fresh and new which can allow me to adapt more quickly than the other people who are .... well lets say knocking on a bit

7) I wish to join the war band because i like to believe that strength in numbers and I think if is were to join you it would help me maximise to my full potential as well as help the war band increase it's army

8 ) I have not had much fighting experience against the alliance only helped The Tauren chief Baine banish the grimtotem from our homeland. but if you would allow me to join I would start at the very bottom and try my hardest to become a known name among the Marauders

Moral Question

9) I would have to help my friends because I would not be able to sit by knowing that any minute they could be killed I would feel I need to do anything I could to help them and hope that my homeland will be able to hold off long enough for me to get there or beat its attackers.

10) I am prepared to fall in line behind my superiors with out law there would be no order and there would be chaos so I believe it is right to follow orders and be obedient to the superiors.

PS: Have i done it right this time What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application   29/11/2011, 22:54

Well, it gets my vote.

Anyone else?

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
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PostSubject: Re: Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application   29/11/2011, 23:21

seems fine, we don't have a problem with people learning with us... Seek one of us for an interview
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PostSubject: Re: Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application   

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Feralhorn's 2nd attempt Application
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