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 Mudrijin - Troll Druid

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PostSubject: Mudrijin - Troll Druid   10/5/2012, 21:31

Out of character:

1) Been in a few role playing guilds, which, unfortunately weren't very serious and didn't organise any events so I lost interest rather quickly. I have ocassionally started non-guild related role plays with my friends in the open world, though short lived. I do have an idea of proper roleplaying etiquette, but am always willing to learn more.

2) Of all the RP guilds on Defias Brotherhood, I've seen the Marauders most often and they caught my attention, I really want in on all the fun you people are having.

3) Completely immersing yourself into the game and thoroughly binding yourself to your in-game avatar.

4) Devotion to your role and to staying in character.

5) Most of my raiding went on back in WoTLK and I almost cleared ICC, but then stopped playing. The character I'm registering is only level 43, but I plan on raiding once I hit 85. I have experience as a resto druid back from TBC.

6) All of my PvP experience is solely on my Warrior in WoTLK and Warlock in TBC, though I see nothing wrong with trying rated BG's as a resto or feral druid.

In Character:

1) Mudri'jin of da Darkspear Tribe.

2) I am willing to give my life for da Horde anyday, anyone who shares my devotion is an ally for life. I am ready to fight AND heal my comrades' wounds.

3) Exiled from da Amani tribe for preaching a peaceful existence instead of waging war on da Horde. I was wandering aimlessly through da so called Ghostlands for days before I was attacked by da Scourge abominations. A few Orc Brutes aided me in battle and after hearing my story, they offered to escort me to Orgrimmar. Once there, I pledged loyalty to da old warchief - Thrall. I have brought the knowledge of the Amani nature worshippers into da Horde and learned from da native druids as well.

4) Well, da animal spirit isn't very strong in me just yet. I would be more useful to ya as a mender of wounds, a skill of mine that was never appreciated in my old tribe.

5) I grow stronger everyday and I am still walking upon this land only because of my will to live. The Marauders need not to worry, I will always be there for my comrades.

6) Ya got fighters? They get hit by fire and steel? Then they will need da healing, mon! Healing is what I do.

7) I believe that by joining a private attack force, I will be more helpful to da Horde in more subtle matters, while most of my brothers and sisters have already been recruited for global tasks.

8 ) Nothing much to say here. Been training young Amani nature worshippers and, after joining the Horde, aided in bringing the Druidic arts to da Darkspear Tribe, which accepted me rather eagerly, for which I am thankful.

Moral Question

9) I help my friends. Da Horde has suffered many dangers in the past and emerged victorious, surely my friends need my aid more than any of our mighty capitals.

10) I pledge to always respect and follow the orders of my superiors, but in da end, Nature will always be my one true mastah.
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PostSubject: Re: Mudrijin - Troll Druid   10/5/2012, 23:38

Like it!

I'll have a look for you and whisper you in game if I see you, if not then feel free to whisper any Marauder for directions to an officer.

Failing that, turn up in Ratchet and say hello one evening!

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul"


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Mudrijin - Troll Druid
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