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 Kaz'cha -Zulfi

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PostSubject: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   25/5/2012, 15:36

1) Please note any RP experience you have (The Marauders are willing to help you if you lack experience considering you are willing to learn!)

Experience most comes from table top role play games such as Vampire the masquerade, Dark ages, Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader. Most of the role play games I’ve played I’ve all ways have dabbled in playing and DM/GM as our group rotates DM/GM. I enjoy both but prefer playing I’ve been role playing since the start secondary school when I first picked up VTM (still love the flaws and merit system)

WoW wise I’ve dabbled on other severs but always came back to defies. I’ve been in guilds such as The Forlorn cartel, The Dwaven Rifle Squad (DRS aka The Three Hammers- still want them to go back to there last name) Chapter of holy anethion, Orcs of the red Blade, The Second Gurubashi Empire.
Currently I play a goblin called copper nut and this troll

2) Why do you want to join us?

For a fun and relaxing atmosphere with lots of role play, also nice to get to know the people I’ve encountered and enjoyed rping with more.

3) What is your own definition of roleplay?

The ability to take a character concept and bring life to it.

4) What do you think makes a good roleplayer?

The ability to follow: IC actions have IC consequences

5) Do you wish to raid with us? If so what experience do you have

Little- I don’t plan on raiding; one I normally work shifts, two dungeon crawling isn’t my thing. But if I was geared enough and I was free and you needed one more for what ever reason I don’t mind giving it ago if some one is willing to point out the main tactics quickly other then don’t stand in that

6) Are you interested in PvP such as rated battlegrounds and arena groups? If so, what experience do you have with these.

I prefer pvp to pve, there’s an enjoyment in playing against another person but I’m not looking to join any teams. But more then willing to fill a hole if needed and I’m about. My experience is from random battle grounds and a few arena’s for fun. Never got high in the standings never tried. Which could be down to random set ups and semi drunk as well….

In Character part

1) Please state your name and the race that you hail from.

**Kaz’cha raise’s an eyebrow after looking down at her self for a moment** “Ya Blind mon? Ya must be losing ‘t to ask a troll what race ‘t is. I be Kaz’cha and come from the lands you call Hinterlands”

2) While with us, you will be required to fight. Are you willing to fight to the best of your ability for the sake of the Horde and the warband?

“Fight as in weapon to weapon? Not for Kaz’cha. Like watching the enemy become helpless then let them wither away” **grins** ” it’s there faces the horror reflecting in there eyes”

3) Please tell us a bit about yourself, this can be personal history, hobbies, or anything.

** sighs and takes a small raw piece of meat from her pouch and starts chrewing** “ Ma father a fisherman my mother a witch doctor, unhappy with Kaz’cha choice. Kaz’cha learned to hex, Kaz’cha enjoys ‘t. Kaz’cha likes Herbs and food and stories"

4) We are considered an elite fighting force amongst the Horde. What have you trained and specialized in?
What makes you unique in combat?

**eyes the person oddly** “Ya deaf now mon? use ya ears” **peers at the person searchly** “ ya been hex’ed?” ** waves hand in frount of there face ** “ na ya just odd. Kaz’cha hex’s mon’s if dat don’t work Kaz’cha has some special friends to aid” **grins**

5) We as a warband are not fond on cowardice, disobedience, or lack of strength. How will you plan to prove to us you lack these traits during your initiation period?

** Glares at the person** “who ya calling a coward? Revantusk never leave from a fair fight. Might not have great fighters but are cunning.”

6) What makes you think you are appropriate material for the warband?

“ ‘t your warband not Kaz’cha’s”

7) Why do you wish to join the warband?
** takes out another chunk of meat and chews it** “Hard to say, words hard to form. To see the world and find things”

8 ) We look for experience, but training is given to those with an eager mind to learn our ways. State any previous war and combat experience you have had, including rank and role.

“ I’ve had fights agaist dwarfs and traitors trolls normal from the back making the fight more to our liking”

Moral Question

9) The Alliance have launched an assault on the Horde of vast proportions.

Caught on patrol, your friends and allies were taken prisoner by the Alliance, and in time are likely to be executed. You avoided capture.
Meanwhile, your races capital city is slowly being lain siege to, and are desperately calling for any and all aid.

Only you know what direction your friends and allies were taken.
There is no chance the other races of the Horde can send military forces to your home city, as they are fighting on their own fronts.

Time is growing short.
Do you help your friends and allies, or do you ride in aid of your capital city?

** Finishes her chunk of meat** “dat be a hard one. Would send aid from special friends to aid home. Would have a special firend track them down. If no friend would send friends to help allies while Kaz’cha help home”

And Finally

10) Last but not least, are you prepared to show respect and obedience towards your superiors by following orders and addressing them in the correct manner? We as a warband work around a hierarchy of ranks, whilst every Marauder is entitled to their opinion, this hierarchy MUST be respected or the consequences are faced.

“respect needs to be earned. Your Jin not tell you dat? If Jin needs it to be done then Kaz’cha will aid it to be done. May grumble but no harm in dat”
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PostSubject: Re: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   26/5/2012, 23:22

Applicant in and interviewed.

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul"


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PostSubject: Re: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   28/5/2012, 10:11

Being of a non-horde affiliated troll tribe, you can expect some hostility from the darkspears.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   28/5/2012, 10:51

I do it expect that Erwtenpeller
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PostSubject: Re: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   28/5/2012, 10:53

*cringes* don't capitalize the "e". It ruins the visual symmetry of the word. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Kaz'cha -Zulfi   

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Kaz'cha -Zulfi
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