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 Mogh Ghull

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PostSubject: Mogh Ghull   7/8/2012, 21:49

I'll cut to the chase.

1) I've been RPing on GTA-SA:MP for about two three years, WoW a while back on Earthen Ring and recently i've been RPing in the Wardens of the Blade Alliance RP guild, bored me becouse the RP we did wasen't relevant to our class, now on my main i'm RPing as a Ner'Zhul worshipper and blankly put murderer.

2)Cause i would REALLY love the Horde , their story and everything about them (The Original Horde , Troll, Orc, Tauren)
And becouse i've heard some good things about you and had a encounter with some of your members in Twilight Highlands during the CoC whom i helped and they helped me.

3) Acting as i should, real.

4)I woulden't consider myself to be the ''Best of all times RPer'' but based upon the time i've been doing it and how well i know what to do , i'd say i'm pretty good.

5)On my Main on this Realm i got a Tank, i'm not the best DPSer (And i just started this evening) I'm part of a raiding team on my main which just started soo it'll change in the future.

6)PVP isen't really my thing but i could always check it out, considering Hunter is fairly new for me.


1) - Mogh Ghull Orcish Beast-Master from Draenor.

2) - I will , my live to protect the Warband and the Horde!

3) - I used to live amongst the Thunderlord Clan on my home planet Draenor, now named Outlands, i enjoy being surrounded by animals, for i respect them, i also gladly do Scouting missions and if it comes to it, i don't mind shedding blood.

4)Trained in taming the wild to my advantage and trained in scouting distant lands.

5)I will prove myself in combat, i will fight till i fall alongside my brothers.

6)I think my skills will prove usefull, but in the end everything is up to you..

7)I wish to serve and help the warband and the Horde in any way possable.

Cool I was and still am a proud Thunderlord Beast-Master, that is by far it, i still seek to learn more in the ways of combat.

9) I will get my most trusted animal, and venture into combat in attempt to rescue my allies, by any means possable, if it means Death, so be it, but no man must be left behind, EVER if we do manage to succed it is to rally the surviviors and march to the cities and aid in the defence.

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PostSubject: Re: Mogh Ghull   9/8/2012, 13:50

Find us out ICly in Ratchet for IC interview Smile

- Hikka Redeye

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PostSubject: Re: Mogh Ghull   10/8/2012, 00:02

Interviewed and invited.
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PostSubject: Re: Mogh Ghull   

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Mogh Ghull
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