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 Applikasjon - Zala

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PostSubject: Applikasjon - Zala   5/4/2013, 17:31


As we are a roleplaying guild, we will only take those applicants on who are enthusiastic about RP. You don't have to be a lore know-it-all, or turn into a walking dictionary to join us however some basic knowledge is prefered. The Marauders however wont hesitate to educate you on what you need, considering you're willing to learn! We do also offer a raid team, and a PvP team that you will have the chance to join if you are accepted into the Marauders.

1) Please note any RP experience you have (The Marauders are willing to help you if you lack experience considering you are willing to learn!)
Bit of random RP here and there really. Stayed out of most big things the last years

2) Why do you want to join us?
You seem to be a nice bunch of RPPVPers.

3) What is your own definition of roleplay?
Its... Acting.

4) What do you think makes a good roleplayer?
Being able to play a character, and see the difference between a character and a real person.

5) Do you wish to raid with us? If so what experience do you have
Sure ill kick some ass with you. Arenas, some failed RBG Pugs, and normal BGs.

6) Are you interested in PvP such as rated battlegrounds and arena groups? If so, what experience do you have with these
Owh.. bugger. See 5.

7) How did you hear about the Shatterskull Marauders? (Forum, friends, ingame etc)

Seen your title around and talked with a Huntress called Hikka.

IN CHARACTER Please answer all of these questions in character

Greetings potential Marauder. It is required of you to answer a series of questions in moderate detail so we can assess your suitability to us. We are a warband built on bloodthirst, strategy, honour, strength and respect. If you lack these, you are not the candidate for us. However, if you think you have what it takes, carry on!

General Questions

1) Please state your name and the race that you hail from.
Wha? Ya eyes be bad o' wha? *snaps fingers* Eyes up 'ere boyh.. ai be Zala ow di Frostmane.

2) While with us, you will be required to fight. Are you willing to fight to the best of your ability for the sake of the Horde and the warband?.. Di horde nuh be di same mon.. Tha 'ellscream boyh nuh be right in 'es 'ead. Bu' 'elpin ya boys out ai guess be sume'in.

3) Please tell us a bit about yourself, this can be personal history, hobbies, or anything.
Di fekk ya wanna kno' tha for? Does id mattah much? Ai be 'ere wid me kittieh 'n me bow, thas wha mattahs. Ai like huntin game tho.. 'n havin sume fun *grins widely in a slightly intimidating manner* wid lost boys ow de wild if dey wander away from deir safe cities. 'n no.. nuh tha way, bu' tha chase and de arrow comin out ow nuhwhere.

4) We are considered an elite fighting force amongst the Horde. What have you trained and specialized in? What makes you unique in combat?
Ai be 'n good shot 'n me kittieh can rip whas left ta shreds if needed. *pats the spirits beast by her side*

5) We as a warband are not fond on cowardice, disobedience, or lack of strength. How will you plan to prove to us you lack these traits during your initiation period?
Plan? Ai nuh wha ya need big plans for? Ya sound like sume peskeh humon how. Dey allways make... big plans 'n shiet. Keep id simple 'n improvise.

6) What makes you think you are appropriate material for the warband?
Take i'd or leave id.

7) Why do you wish to join the warband?
Ai 'ear ye no so found ow di 'ellscream whelp.

8 ) We look for experience, but training is given to those with an eager mind to learn our ways. State any previous war and combat experience you have had, including rank and role.

Ai've been wid de Frostwolf clan fer 'n long while. Ai wus even a Blood Guard back in di days.

9) Currently the Marauders have declared themselves rebels against the Warchief Hellscream's rule.Are you prepared to throw your lot in with the anti-Hellscream resistance?

Duuh, whai ya 'ink ai be 'ere? ai've told ya allreadieh.

Moral Question

10) The Alliance have launched an assault on the Horde of vast proportions.

Caught on patrol, your friends and allies were taken prisoner by the Alliance, and in time are likely to be executed. You avoided capture.
Meanwhile, your races capital city is slowly being lain siege to, and are desperately calling for any and all aid.

Only you know what direction your friends and allies were taken.
There is no chance the other races of the Horde can send military forces to your home city, as they are fighting on their own fronts.

Time is growing short.
Do you help your friends and allies, or do you ride in aid of your capital city?

Ai nevah leave me friend's 'n bruddas behind, unless dey be beyond savin 'n their lives be in d 'ands ow di spirits.

And Finally

11) Last but not least, are you prepared to show respect and obedience towards your superiors by following orders and addressing them in the correct manner? We as a warband work around a hierarchy of ranks, whilst every Marauder is entitled to their opinion, this hierarchy MUST be respected or the consequences are faced.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application form. An officer will be along shortly to take a read, and if successful, you will be contacted in game for an IC interview!

'dnt expect me ta.. brown nose aneh'une. Ai speak me mind. Tho rank be rank, officers 'ave de final word no mattah 'ow stupid dey might be.
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PostSubject: Re: Applikasjon - Zala   5/4/2013, 17:45

Question: The Frostmane Tribe is hostile towards the Horde, and ontop of that they've a different size, model and colour than the playable Trolls. How do you deal with these problems?
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PostSubject: Re: Applikasjon - Zala   5/4/2013, 18:36

Interviewed and invited! I don't think being an ice troll is a problem, same as with Drakkari trolls Razz

- Hikka Redeye

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PostSubject: Re: Applikasjon - Zala   

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Applikasjon - Zala
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