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 Application: Zebadiah

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PostSubject: Application: Zebadiah   27/5/2013, 16:51

1) Please note any RP experience you have (The Marauders are willing to help you if you lack experience considering you are willing to learn!)
Been playing WoW since 2005, been Roleplaying since early 2006. Mostly on Defias Brotherhood, though occasionally on Argent Dawn. Have been an officer of guilds in the past.

2) Why do you want to join us?

Multi-racial Horde RP is too few and far between! I love the Horde, but don't like how most of it's RP is centred around single races. I love military/warband based RP, and you are the only active roleplaying guild I know of that offers this with all factions, so you seem to be right up my street.

3) What is your own definition of roleplay?

Playing or "acting" as a self-created character in a already created world. Immersing yourself in the game world and playing the game as if you were actually in your character's shoes
4) What do you think makes a good roleplayer?

Someone who has a well thought out character, and who understands what fits/doesn't fit in the Warcraft setting. Someone who plays a character that I can distinguish and remember from all the server's other characters.

I could list several things here, but I think the most important one is being sympathetic to the Roleplay of others - realising that the game doesn't revolve around you, and that you are one of many other characters, and realising that your character is just as important as the next person's.

5) Do you wish to raid with us? If so what experience do you have

Perhaps in future when I have more time to play. I'm not really into my PvE these days, the most I do is LFR.

6) Are you interested in PvP such as rated battlegrounds and arena groups? If so, what experience do you have with these

Very much a casual PvP player these days. In vanilla I played quite seriously, and now if I'm not RPing, chances are I'm PvPing. Again, when I get more time I plan to take it seriously. I had a 2s team that got up to about 1750 in arenas once upon a time, but that's about the extent of my PvP "career".

7) How did you hear about the Shatterskull Marauders? (Forum, friends, ingame etc)

Saw you a while ago while passing through Ratchet. Didn't think much of it then I saw a forum post and began to do my research and I became very interested!

IN CHARACTER Please answer all of these questions in character

Greetings potential Marauder. It is required of you to answer a series of questions in moderate detail so we can assess your suitability to us. We are a warband built on bloodthirst, strategy, honour, strength and respect. If you lack these, you are not the candidate for us. However, if you think you have what it takes, carry on!

*The Forsaken man shakes your hand before handing you a sealed letter. He urges you to read it before commencing. It reads as follows;

"Sir or Madam,

A quick note regarding Zebadiah Farrington, who you're about to recruit.

Due to reasons unknown to us - most likely to do with the Trauma of Undeath, as a coping mechanism or falter of the mind, Sergeant Farrington refers to all enemies he faces, regardless of race, as either "Orcs" or "Undead". In the same way, all allies he speaks about, he refers as "Humans", "Dwarves" or "High Elves". He still very much believes he's still fighting for his old Lordaeron Regiment, even though we've tried to tell him countless times that he's fighting for the Forsaken and the Horde. He just seems to hear what he wants to hear, however.
It's uncertain at this time if he genuinely sees his allies like this, or is just something he says to cope with the whole death and resurrection thing, but we felt you should know. You need not worry about his loyalty - oddly, though he says this, he is fiercely loyal to his Queen, Sylvanas, and The Banner of the Horde in general, and treats the Alliance with more contempt than most of our other soldiers do. He just talks as if it's the other way around. I'm absolutely positive it won't be a problem to the Warband, but just be aware that if he's talking about killing Orcs, or Undead, he probably doesn't mean it. You can try and "fix" this if you'd like, but in all honestly, I wouldn't bother. We gave up years ago.


Executor Boswald.

General Questions

1) Please state your name and the race that you hail from.

Philip Zebadiah Farrington, from the Great Kingdom of Lordaeron!

2) While with us, you will be required to fight. Are you willing to fight to the best of your ability for the sake of the Horde and the warband?

I devote my entire being to whomever I have the honour of serving! If you'll take me, rest assured, you will have my full loyalty.

3) Please tell us a bit about yourself, this can be personal history, hobbies, or anything.

I will not bore you with details - In short, I was born and raised in the Grand Capital of Lordaeron, then moved to a farming village far east of the Capital at as a young child, due to the war. After coming of age, I moved back to the Capital myself and studied Literature and the Arts, whilst also undertaking basic military service. Upon graduating, I decided to enlist fully in the military, and served proudly for nine years until the Undead invaded and the Third War started. I served proudly and honourably against the scourge, and consider myself lucky to be alive today to tell of it! Since then, I've served my Queen on various battlefronts, the most noteworthy being in Northrend, against our traitorous prince and his army of scum. I've not long returned from the Frozen North, and now find myself free from active service to the Kingdom.

In terms of hobbies, I'm an avid fisher, I have a small (but growing!) collection of horses, and if I'm not serving my country somewhere, one could often find me deep in the wilderness, exploring and gathering skins, ores, timber, whatever I can, for others to use. The world we live in is a beautiful one, and I'd like to see it all before death catches up with me!

4) We are considered an elite fighting force amongst the Horde. What have you trained and specialized in? What makes you unique in combat?

As said, I have years of service in Lordaeron's Royal Guard, and have fought back both Orcs and Undead over countless theatres of conflict on both sides of our world. I'm a simple footman - I've been a part of both heavy and light infantry regiments, and have trained myself in using a a wide variety of weapons, in varying styles. Swords, axes, halberds, guns, explosives - I've tried them all!
There's nothing 'unique' about how I fight - I simply do my job, and do it well. I've experience in a wide range of tactics, and consider the battlefield as as second home. I always make myself a useful asset to whatever Regiment I find myself serving in, and if you will pardon me for saying so, I am sure you will agree when the time comes.

5) We as a warband are not fond on cowardice, disobedience, or lack of strength. How will you plan to prove to us you lack these traits during your initiation period?

I've never fled from a battle yet, and I still live to tell you that. That seems good enough for me. Your "proof" will simply be whether I triumph or perish on the field of conflict - it will have to be one or the other, because an honest man never flees from his fate!

6) What makes you think you are appropriate material for the warband?

Everything I've just said to you. I'm an experienced soldier with a lot to offer. Couldn't you have asked that with your previous questions? I'm starting to sound like a braggart!

7) Why do you wish to join the warband?

Upon returning from the Frozen North, my active service contract expired. I was given my reward, and asked if I wished to join my Regiment again - I declined, deciding I wanted to see the rest of the world that I hadn't seen. As I travelled, word of your war band seemed to be everywhere I went. Mercenary work simply didn't do it for me, so I've sought you out with the intention of experiencing a whole new world of warfare!

8 ) We look for experience, but training is given to those with an eager mind to learn our ways. State any previous war and combat experience you have had, including rank and role.

...I've fought everything from bandits, to the undead, to frost dragons - (the latter was with with three other regiments). I've rose to the rank of Senior Sergeant, but was one of Lordaeron's youngest Officers prior to the Scourge invasion. I've already explained to you my past experience - I'm a born soldier!

9) Currently the Marauders have declared themselves rebels against the Warchief Hellscream's rule. Are you prepared to throw your lot in with the anti-Hellscream resistance?

He's an Orc - he will be slain! I have no love for that behemoth - his people have occupied our Great City for too long now, and it's about time they left. Just as we slew the traitorous prince, he too will fall by our hands.

Moral Question

10) The Alliance have launched an assault on the Horde of vast proportions. Your home city is under siege, you are defending the walls against your race's foes.

Caught on patrol whilst trying to reach you, your friends in the Marauders are taken prisoner by the Alliance, and in time will be executed.

Do you abandon your post and leave your city to die or do you break out under cover of darkness to rescue your friends?
Your people will never allow you to leave; you can only abandon your post in secret. Leaving your post leaves a blind spot in your city’s defences, one the Alliance are sure to notice and use to break through the walls.
If you rescue your friends, there is no chance you will be able to re-enter your city.
There is no chance the other races of the Horde can send military forces to your home city as they are fighting on their own fronts.
Time is growing short.

When we enlist, we enlist for "King and Country". Not for "friends and fellow soldiers". I've watched many good men give their lives valiantly for their Country, their cities, their people. To sacrifice my City to save the lives of a few would be an insult to their legacy. The Kingdom comes before all others!

And Finally

11) Last but not least, are you prepared to show respect and obedience towards your superiors by following orders and addressing them in the correct manner? We as a warband work around a hierarchy of ranks, whilst every Marauder is entitled to their opinion, this hierarchy MUST be respected or the consequences are faced.

*He chuckles*

Do I look like a fresh faced recruit to you? Do not worry yourself, I have no problem with authority, and will gladly and without question follow whatever order is thrown at me.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Zebadiah   28/5/2013, 10:41

I love this guy already.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Zebadiah   28/5/2013, 12:40

Nifty application. Speak to any of us for an IC interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Zebadiah   30/5/2013, 02:15

interviewed and accepted

Passing on bad luck since 2011

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Zebadiah   

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Application: Zebadiah
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