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 Meztula Sharptusk's Background

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Meztula Sharptusk

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PostSubject: Meztula Sharptusk's Background   22/6/2013, 13:14

I am a troll shaman who is also a witch doctor. Born in the deepest depts of zulgurub by a darkspear captive i was raised to be a proud defender of zul'gurub. HOWEVER when i reached the age of 16 and i was recieving my regular training in the training grounds my mother wanted to speak with me but when she came up to me my master told her to stay back. It must have been something important because she tried to walk past but then my master caught her by the troat and simply strangulated her. And when i saw that i enterd into the berserker trance hich all trolls are very fammiliar with i picked up an axe and released my masters head from his shoulders. On my way out of zul'gurub i met the witch doctor bal'gas who told me to meet him in booty bay at night that i did. When i arrived he took me out into the jungle and taught me the shamanic arts and it was there i realised i wanted to be a witch doctor. After the meeting i went to durotar to seek out the darkspear tribe and hopefully become one of them. after i had explained my sitution to vol'jin he told me that i would be treated as i i was born in darkspear hold and since then i have traveled around Azeroth seeking my fame.

Meztula Shrptusk
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PostSubject: Re: Meztula Sharptusk's Background   22/6/2013, 13:34

Interesting backstory.  Could you fill in the rest of the form for us to view as well?
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Meztula Sharptusk's Background
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