Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 How to get started

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PostSubject: How to get started   26/7/2013, 16:57

Hello and welcome to our forum. This little thread will let you know the basics on applying and getting to know the guild better. Here we go.

-Start by creating your account here and confirming account creation by going to your email and clicking the link in the email you just received..

-Copy the app form, create a new thread and fill out the app form. An officer will read it and reply. We do ask you to make an effort as we can refuse the application. When it is accepted though, you can contact an officer for an IC interview.

-After you have been invited in the guild we will give you full access to the forum. At this point you have probably been asked to read our Standing Orders, to check our Guild Rules and to read on some of the latest RP events in the Live RP Update thread, so please check it out.

Now that you're in and up to date, you might feel like making some RP, answer to advertisement and call to arms, play and chat with people on vent, craft or ask profession items, make suggestions so here are a few threads:

The Marauder Pin Board (Like the Commanding Boards in capitals, these advertise missions and requests)
Ventrilo Server Info
Situational Tasks for RP
(to give you some inspiration)
The Suggestion Box
Marauder Crafting
(OOC requests for items or offering services. Pin Board can be used IC if you would rather craft things IC)

-Check here for detailed informations about ranks, regiments and guild history:

Regiments & Ranks
Shatterskull Marauders History - Years 1-4 & 4-7

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How to get started
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