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 Yl'jin's Application

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PostSubject: Yl'jin's Application   9/8/2013, 13:19

1) I have been RPing for a short amount of time, but I've been taught how to do it in a respectful, meaningful way. I am willing to learn more though.
2) I want to join because I enjoy RP and you're the best RP guild on the server. (thats feedback from my friends Smile)
3) My definition of roleplay is acting out a character and create your own ingame content based around the game's history.
4) A good roleplayer is someone that can act out their character smoothly and sufficiently as if it was themselves.
5) I'm not a experienced raider but I can most certainly learn Smile.
6) I sometimes to PvP and BG, but not a lot. I have little experience with this topic.
7) Friends and forums.

1) I am Yl'jin, former high ranking member of the Zandalar.
2) I am a mercenary, I work for the right price. But I owe more allegiance to the Horde then the Alliance. I am willing to aid my Shatterskull brethren if I must.
3) I was once a high tibesman of the Zandalari, but betrayed my brethren and left. I was one of the few that was against the aliiance of the Mogu and ourselves. At first, I had a hard time leaving, as it was my tribe. It was when I ranked high enough to meet the Mogu, that I knew I had to leave. I attampted to escape un-noticed by my Tribesmen, but was found. I was forced to kill my own brethren, in order to leave. I eventually found my way to a Pandaren village, where I learned the ways of the Monk. I eventually left, and arrived in Kalimdor. I travelled as a mercenary, and took whatever job I could. The Horde found my abilities to be t their liking, and I became a regular mercenary of the Horde.
4) Read above.
5) I will follow orders and do so without fear or doubt. I am not easy to anger, and will not be phased by any acts against me.
6) I do as told, I fight to the death if ordered to do so, and will attempt to aid the Warband in any way I can.
7) For personal interests. The warband could help me reach my goal.
Cool I once was a high tribesman of the Zandalari.
9) I have no care for the Horde's politics, but I owe Vol'jin and the Darkspear for sheltering me.

Moral Question
If I had a city, I would stay at my post. This is a torn feeling that is based on sacrificing the lives of children that have lives, birthdays ahead of them to save a warband that could die in peace as members of the Horde.

11) I will be respectful and follow orders.
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PostSubject: Re: Yl'jin's Application   9/8/2013, 13:44

Looks good to me. Contact me or any other officer for a quick IC interview.

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Yl'jin's Application
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