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 Drarona Stonearrow (Application)

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PostSubject: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   17/8/2013, 12:29

1) Please note any RP experience you have (The Marauders are willing to help you if you lack experience considering you are willing to learn!)

Answer: I've been roleplaying for a good two years, i've ran RP guilds before, still run events on ER still sometimes, I co-run 3 guilds, but have made it clear to them that I am only an aid, and do not want a main role, so my time is not taken up by that.

2) Why do you want to join us?

Answer: I began looking for a guild in the 'lfrp' channel, where Alphél got in touch with me promoting the guild, after talking with him for a bit he has more than convinced me to join.

3) What is your own definition of role-play?

Answer: Designing a character, and manipulating your own emotions whilst playing that character in able to empathise what they might feel in order for realistic roleplay.

4) What do you think makes a good roleplayer?

Answer: Someone who not only uses their imagination in creating a fun character, but also sticks to lore in order to keep a degree of order, as well as someone takes on the views of others, researching into them to better themselves in the eyes of the community.

5) Do you wish to raid with us? If so what experience do you have

Answer: In the future if I am needed, of course I am of low level at the moment, I do not have too much experience though, I am more than willing to listen and learn, before I have only done LFR, rather than anything too serious.

6) Are you interested in PvP such as rated battlegrounds and arena groups? If so, what experience do you have with these

Answer: I am to a degree, but would rather PvE for my first horde character on DB in order to get not only myself a wider range of roleplay gear, but also others.

7) How did you hear about the Shatterskull Marauders? (Forum, friends, ingame etc)

Answer: I was looking for a guild in the 'lfrp' channel when I received a whisper from Alphél. After a while of explaining the guild to me, I was more than eager to sign up.

IN CHARACTER Please answer all of these questions in character

Greetings potential Marauder. It is required of you to answer a series of questions in moderate detail so we can assess your suitability to us. We are a warband built on bloodthirst, strategy, honour, strength and respect. If you lack these, you are not the candidate for us. However, if you think you have what it takes, carry on!

General Questions

1) Please state your name and the race that you hail from.

Answer: I am Drarona Stonearrow, an Orc Huntress.

2) While with us, you will be required to fight. Are you willing to fight to the best of your ability for the sake of the Horde and the warband?

Answer: Of course, in signing up I am signing my life to you, and entrust you with it, to utilise it as best you can, for the true horde!

3) Please tell us a bit about yourself, this can be personal history, hobbies, or anything.

Answer: I travelled a lot on my own, often supporting some of the shamans around as I do, demonstrating that although Garrosh has forgotten our rich past...I have not, if we forget the past, we are bound to make the same mistakes in the future, and I will not allow my people to fall into chaos once more. I myself am a strong follower of the shamanistic side of orcs, my ideal being is Garrosh, his wisdom and gentle grasp on the spirits is definitely something to admire and it shows when you see the incredible power the spirits grant him in return.

4) We are considered an elite fighting force amongst the Horde. What have you trained and specialized in? What makes you unique in combat?

Answer: I am an orc huntress, in past I have survived entirely on my own off the wild, crafting my own arrows from when I was younger, earning my surname of Stonearrow, I passed this on to crafting my own arrows out of what I could find whilst in the wild. My survival instincts and tactics are my main plus. I may be a huntress, but I can still use a sword, though, granted, not as well as I can use my bow.

5) We as a warband are not fond on cowardice, disobedience, or lack of strength. How will you plan to prove to us you lack these traits during your initiation period?

Answer: I will do whatever it takes, taking commands with enthusiasm and precision in order to make the best impression possible.

6) What makes you think you are appropriate material for the warband?

Answer: I believe that my skills in the wild, with a bow and with a sword could be more than helpful to assist the warband, on hearing stories of them it would seem that we share many ideologies. Not only could I help you, but you could help me majorly, together we stand, divided we fall, and we must stand tall against the might, and stupidity of Garrosh's horde.

7) Why do you wish to join the warband?

Answer: I share many of the ideologies that the warband is said to have, my admiration of them growing, it would be an honour and a privilege to serve the warband.

8 ) We look for experience, but training is given to those with an eager mind to learn our ways. State any previous war and combat experience you have had, including rank and role.

Answer: Though I have not fought for the horde in the past, I have been brought up in the wake of combat, back on Draenor, after that, I spent a lot of time alone, fending for myself in the wilds, attuning myself to the spirits of my ancestors as I learnt new survival skills and developed my instincts.

9) Currently the Marauders have declared themselves rebels against the Warchief Hellscream's rule. Are you prepared to throw your lot in with the anti-Hellscream resistance?

Answer: I have been a rebel since the first whisper of the rebellion, I am a strong supporter of Thrall, and believe that Garrosh's corruption has gone too far, even the spirits agree, they are beginning to stop serving Garrosh and the Kor'kron, he forgets all that the shamans and the spirits did for us, saving us from the corruption that our people came so close to. He is a fool and his actions have consequences, he will fall, he has more enemies than friends, and it is only a matter of time.

Moral Question

10) The Alliance have launched an assault on the Horde of vast proportions. Your home city is under siege, you are defending the walls against your race's foes.

Caught on patrol whilst trying to reach you, your friends in the Marauders are taken prisoner by the Alliance, and in time will be executed.

Do you abandon your post and leave your city to die or do you break out under cover of darkness to rescue your friends?
Your people will never allow you to leave; you can only abandon your post in secret. Leaving your post leaves a blind spot in your city’s defences, one the Alliance are sure to notice and use to break through the walls.
If you rescue your friends, there is no chance you will be able to re-enter your city.
There is no chance the other races of the Horde can send military forces to your home city as they are fighting on their own fronts.
Time is growing short.

Answer: I would have to stay at my position, though it would be heart wrenching to leave my friends, I would trust that they would want me to do what was best for the horde, the true horde, and not Garrosh's horde. I would seek any form of instruction from the warband, accepting their judgement over mine, but that may not always be possible...

And Finally

11) Last but not least, are you prepared to show respect and obedience towards your superiors by following orders and addressing them in the correct manner? We as a warband work around a hierarchy of ranks, whilst every Marauder is entitled to their opinion, this hierarchy MUST be respected or the consequences are faced.

Answer: I will remember my place, though I will likely have my own opinions, I will keep them to myself where required, my superiors have earned their ranks and so, listening to them would be most wise. In signing up, I am signing my life to you also, and I entrust you to utilise my life for the best intentions of the new and proper horde, for the rebellion!
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PostSubject: Re: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   17/8/2013, 12:46

Alright, that looks quite good!
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PostSubject: Re: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   17/8/2013, 13:26

Can you please contact a marauder in game in order to arrange an in character interview. They will point you to whomever is available to conduct it at the time.
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PostSubject: Re: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   17/8/2013, 14:46

Interviewed and invited!

Welcome to the warband, Drarona.
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PostSubject: Re: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   17/8/2013, 21:38

Thank you, it's a pleasure!
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PostSubject: Re: Drarona Stonearrow (Application)   

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Drarona Stonearrow (Application)
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