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 Naju's Application

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PostSubject: Naju's Application   31/8/2013, 15:55

1) I was roleplaying for a long while by now on different servers, spending most of it by leading a small night elven task force on Argent Dawn for a few months and playing as a member of different Horde tribes on Defias Brotherhood for about two years or so. I am also a fan of chat-based roleplaying on different websites and I like tabletop RPGs as well.

2) I want to join because this guild seems like exactly what I'm looking for. A group that is a proud member of the Horde and respects the lore enough to stay unique within it.

3) My definition of roleplaying is playing the game and going out of my way to write a story with it, create a personality within the world, and enjoy the lore at the same time.

4) What separates the decent from the great roleplayers is the ability to be unique and engaging with his or her character without straying from the setting.

5) I'm glad this was a question, because I REALLY want to raid. Previously, I had to play WoW from my (very) humble allowance and I could never afford the expansion packs, so I mostly ran raids after they were outdated. Now that I'm making my own money and I can afford staying up to date with the content, I have every intention of clearing the hell out of the end-game content.
Yes, I want to raid.

6) Only casually, but I enjoy battlegrounds a lot, especially when I'm playing with a group that knows that playing for objectives wins games.

7) I've seen a member, Hikká, in her roleplaying gear, and I looked up the guild after she recommended it.

General Questions

1) I'm Naju, Naju da Stormtamer! I be one of da Darkspears.

2) Fightin' for da Horde? That's what I do all day, mon!

3) I remember followin' Thrall with my family as a youngling. I wanted ta go and fight with the main army, but I had food gatherin' duty for da camp because they thought I was bad with spear. Hah! I swam out to a rock, and sat on it all angry an' stuff with mah spear. I found no fish, because it turns out there was a storm comin'. I didn't dare ta swim out again, so I stayed in da storm. Turns out I felt home in there, with da elements.
I started trainin' with our camp's shaman da next day.

4) I'm a shaman! My weapons are da elements themselves. I mostly use the more painful ones of 'em, though. Hah!

5) I'll prove myself! Show me da biggest Alliance camp you can find, and I'll show ya!

6) I throw magma from my hands, call down thunder from the sky, and the earth itself rumbles when I request it to. You should not decline such help.

7) I want to fight alongside da best. If da best is loyal to Vol'jin, even better!

8 ) Fought alongside our army's shamans in da Third War, in one of the surviving squads. Since then, I've fought for our control of Da Barrens, held a line in da snow in Northrend and fought against the elemental outbreaks all over da place during da Cataclysm. Those were busy times. Of course, I've lent my help to many others when I caught a break from da army.

9) Vol'jin lives!

Moral Question

10) I'm sure that those loyal to da Horde would never want me ta leave mah post and let our city fall. I'd summon some elementals and send them to help. I'd have a harder time defendin', but I could fight with the assurance that I did mah best to give my comrades a chance to escape.

And Finally

11) Respectin' your higher-ups is nothin' new to us veterans. Sure.

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PostSubject: Re: Naju's Application   31/8/2013, 17:40

We like da trolls mon.

Contact a marauder to arrange an IC interview.
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PostSubject: Re: Naju's Application   31/8/2013, 18:02

Wonderful application!

Sakarah wrote:
Contact a marauder to arrange an IC interview.
You can just use /who, and ask any of us. You'll be pointed in the right direction. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Naju's Application   

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Naju's Application
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