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 Lizui Raindancer's application

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PostSubject: Lizui Raindancer's application   2/9/2013, 22:24

(OOC) (Please excuse any mistakes, first time trying to roleplay as a pandaren so still learning)

1A) I've roleplayed on and off for about six years now starting back in Runescape a bit. But it progressed over time as I grew more interested in learning about new ways to roleplay. However, in WoW I've mostly roleplayed as a forsaken and I still do from time to time but I want to get into more races and learn about their lore through my love for roleplay.

2A: I've had the chance to speak to some of your members the past few weeks on diffrent characters and the guild has always been intruiging for me, I've wanted to join for a while now but I haven't been sure on how to go about it.

3A) An escape from reality, a fantastic world and bond that are built by players such as you or me to become longterm friends even though I probably wont ever meet you in real life. Being able to connect with your character and live it.

4A) Someone who's willing to learn new things, accept tasks given to them by their superiors, going to guild events and being a good members of the guild.

5A) I am not sure if I want my character to be a raider yet, so for now I will say no. I've had little raiding experience throughout the years because I've never been at the end game of each expansion.

6A) I am interested in PVP, but mostly world pvp and battlegrounds in that case. I've played WoW for about 5 years now and I've always enjoyed to pvp.

7A) I first noticed Shatterskull Marauders about 7 months ago right before I decided to take a break from wow for a while because things were getting to hectic with my life and the people around me. (Long story, not worth getting into now).
And I couldn't let it go, I was reminded of them recently when I saw someone from the guild in the auction house and something in me just told me to try and join them.


1A) I'm Lizui Raindancer and I'm a Pandaren from the Wandering Isles.

2A) I am willing to lay my life on the line, ready to aid my comrades and help those who need it.

3A) In my travels over the wandering isles an old hermit tended to my wounds after I was badly wounded by a tiger. He taught me to be humble towards those I meet, help them if they cannot help themselves and never turn your back on a friend. I spent a couple of years wandering the isles to find purpose, that purpose came the day I saw strange creatures walking around in the forrests. I approached them with caution to find out that they were Tauren, Trolls, Orcs and Goblins, and somehow it felt like I had found a new home. Thinking back at what the hermit had taught me I was certain this was the right way to go.
That day I decided to join the Horde.

4A) My reflexes and my ability to heal my wounded companions. I can still throw a pretty mean punch.

5A) Any challenge, any threat against me will be retaliated with fierce anger and I will not back down until I can't stand anymore. And even then I won't stop until my spirit is broken and my body is too wounded.

6A) I've been taught in the ways of a mistweaver. I heal my companions and friends when they're wounded.

7A) I want to find my place in the Horde.

8A) I've fought many times during my travels around the Wandering Isles. There was no purpose for a name or a rank when I was just a wanderer.

9A) "Warchief" Hellscream is riddled with doubt and fear. He could never command a force like the Horde.

Moral Question

10A) Without a hesitation I break out under cover of darkness to find and set free the Marauder, aiding him to escape his captivity.

And Finally

11A) I would follow my superiors through hell and back to earn their respect.

- Lizui Raindancer
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PostSubject: Re: Lizui Raindancer's application   2/9/2013, 22:58

Looks good, and what we've discussed online sounded good too.

Contact any marauder for directions to an officer that can provide you with an in-character interview and your introduction into the guild!
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PostSubject: Re: Lizui Raindancer's application   3/9/2013, 19:45

Interviewed by Koaki!

Rank fixed by Hikka.

Forum access pending.
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PostSubject: Re: Lizui Raindancer's application   4/9/2013, 11:06

Access done
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PostSubject: Re: Lizui Raindancer's application   

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Lizui Raindancer's application
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