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 My recruitment form.

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PostSubject: My recruitment form.   17/9/2013, 23:29

1)I have had a small amount of RP from games like Gmod but that's about it. I've never done WoW RP before but I'd really like to properly learn to RP and get into the setting and lore.

2) I'd like to join as I've never RPed in WoW before and when I first saw your members Rping at Sen'jin village I thought that it looked amazing and fun. I've immensely enjoyed RPing before and the authenticity of your members RPing looked so good I just couldn't not join.

3) My own definition of roleplay is being in a position of a character that would normally exist in the game world. They would act to fulfill that role accurately and to be convincing.

4) Staying in character and making the characters convincing.

5) I would like to raid but I never usually do so I have little experience and aren't very good at it.

6) Not really, sorry.

7) I first saw them RPing in Sen'jin village and then again at Razer Hill which it just looked so much fun that I had to look you up and recruit.

(Sidenote; I'm not that best at writing jamaican accents but I'll try, pretend all the "Ds" are "th" Razz)
1) I be Smelbone from da Echo Isles, born and raised. I have a dirst for adventure though and I pciked up a bow and started wondering.

2) I'll fight for as long as it takes for da Horde to destroy the sum Alliance. FOR DA HORDE.

3) I lived all ma life with ma mother and ma fader. I worked all day wid da raptors but I wanted to see da world so tamed one of dem and picked up a bow and began wonderin'.

4) I began as hunder and gaderer and have honed ma skills on boars and cats around ma homeland. All da while ma raptor (who I named Snaggler after his teeth). Now he trusts me wid his life and I wid mine. We are fierce on da battlefield combining our skills to be unstoppable.

5) I will live and die for da Horde and da warband! Me and Snaggler will never back down from fight until one of us dead!

6)Me and Snaggler will never back down from a fight no matter the odds. We fight until we can't fight any longa'.

7) While me and Snaggler have been da perfect pair for many a year, we feel it's da time to join a greata' cause and make a difference.

8 ) We have neva' fought for a real cause before but we are always lookin' for new friends and allies to repower the Horde!

9) Garrosh is a fool to believe his rule will make the Horde great once more. There are many betta' people to become leader.

Moral Question

10) Me and Snaggler would immediately go and rescue as many as we can. No matter the situation you should neva' leave your friends, especially they were caught trying to reach me and Snaggler. No matter the ramifications.

11) If dere wasn't orda' and ranks within da warband den it would just a collection of like minded people. Orda' is needed to keep moral, power and regulation.
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PostSubject: Re: My recruitment form.   18/9/2013, 00:16

Talk to an officer for an IC interview.

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"Raids will have 100 people and if your computer can't handle it, go play Pony Adventure Quest!"

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PostSubject: Re: My recruitment form.   18/9/2013, 02:55

Yeah, looks good! You can contact any marauder to find an officer, in character or through whispers. You obviously know where to find us!
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PostSubject: Re: My recruitment form.   

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My recruitment form.
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