Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 Regiments & Ranks

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PostSubject: Regiments & Ranks   26/10/2013, 15:05

The warband is divided into three regiments, each with their own leadership and distinct role.

The Hammer Regiment.
Hold the line!
The Hammer Regiment is the bulk of the guild. They are the honorable warriors of the horde, the punishment-takers, the rock on which the surf of enemy blood breaks. The hammer does not give up, the hammer does not quit, the hammer does not retreat.
Suggested Classes: Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Death Knight, Shaman, Druid.

The Raptor Regiment. (Temporarily disbanded. Melee fighters join the Hammer. Ranged fighters join the Circle)
Strike hard, fast and unseen.
The Raptor Regiment houses the scouts and rangers. Marauders that can move in unseen, complete the objective, and get out. Quick like a cat, illusive as a shadow.
Suggested Classes: Hunter, Rogue, Monk, Druid.

The Circle Regiment.
The Circle Regiment is, simply put, the spellweaver regiment. Be it the pious priest praying to the Light to renew their allies, or the wretched warlock raining down fire and destruction, it is the circle they call home.
Suggested Classes: Mage, Warlock, Priest, Shaman, Monk, Druid

Guild Ranks
During their time with the warband, a character may rise in standing and rank. Even the lowliest lowborn lowlife has a fair chance to climb the ranks and reach the top!

"Let's see if you are Marauder material."
The trial period. Recruits are not yet marauders, but individuals proving themselves to be fit to be one. They will be treated as such, constantly evaluated and tested. Recruits will not wear a marauder tabard.
The expected duration of the Recruit period is two to four weeks, depending on activity, participation in random role-play and events, and general attitude.

"Welcome to the warband!"
When a recruit has proven his or her loyalty and worth, they will progress to the Marauder rank.
They have earned the right to call themselves Marauders full, and may wear the Marauder tabard proudly.
This rank is the backbone of the Shatterskull Marauders.
The expected duration of the Marauder period is two to four months, depending on activity, participation in random role-play and events, and general attitude.

"A great honor."
Marauders that have proven themselves time and time again will be asked to take an oath of loyalty to the chieftain. An oathsworn has earned the chieftain's absolute trust, and is able to command marauders and recruits in absence of any officers.
The oathsworn rank is the highest rank anyone can obtain without being an officer.

Honor Guard
"Do not disappoint me."
Honor Guards will be given a title, and are entrusted with performing an important task within the warband. Every regiment will have an Honor Guard captain. Aside from those three, Honor Guard's can be promoted to perform tasks as the warband and role-play demand it. They can also just as easily be demoted back to Oathsworn if they are not up to the task.
Honor Guard is the first officer rank. Becoming an officer in the Shatterskull Marauders requires more then just attendance and participation, it requires initiative. A player will only be promoted to Honor Guard is there are enough in and out of character reason for it.

"Thank you for your council, Warcaller."
Each regiment is headed by a Warcaller. There are always three, and they can make capital decisions in the chieftain's stead. They offer the chieftain their advice, when asked, or not.
Warcaller is the highest rank obtainable in the warband short of being the chieftain himself. This rank does not come lightly, and requires both great dedication and responsibility, in and out of character.

"like a boss."
The chieftain is the boss, the commander, the one and only. When the chieftain speaks, the marauders fall silent. The chieftain's word is marauder law.
The chieftain is also the Guild Master, the owner of the guild.
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Regiments & Ranks
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