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 Role-Playing Guidelines

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Guidelines   26/10/2013, 15:11

Role-playing guidelines!
The Marauders strive to create a fun, relaxed environment to role-play in, where casual and dedicated members can come together. We don't have any specific rules for our role-players to follow. But there are some points we like our role-players to consider.

Mounts and Pets.
The average mount doesn't fit into your pocket! When role-playing, we like people to keep in mind where their mounts are. When you're asked to "mount up", have a little walk to the place where you stabled your beast, and mount it there. When you've just traveled through a portal and haven't taken your steed with you, it is still back at the base! So make due without it. Most mounts are real, living creatures, that need care and attention.

Travel and Time.
Consider the scope of the world when you role-play. Travelling to the other side of the world is a big deal. Mass-transit systems like boat- and zeppelin-ferries make it easier and quicker, as do instant-travel mechanics like summing and teleporting... But always keep in mind that you are traveling far when you're going to another continent.

Action and Reaction!
Every action your character undertakes is going to have a reaction from other players. Sometimes it's fun to do something provocative! To pick a fight, engage in an argument, perhaps betray and deceive other players... When you have your character engage in such behavior, be prepared to accept the consequences. Your character might be punished, or injured. Your character might lose.

What you see is what you get.
Consider the looks of your character carefully. When the gear and looks of your character are a solid representation of what they're like, it's much easier for other players to immerse themselves in the story you're trying to create.

Gear up!
As a warband, we travel around a lot in our stories. Most of the areas we play in are contested territory, and we play in a player-versus-player server. This means we will be attacked by other players, role-players or not. Playing a low-level, or un-geared character in contested territory invites bad behavior from trolls and gankers. It's not everyone's favorite thing to deal with, but we share a server with them, you will encounter it sooner or later. We try to give them as little opportunity for ganking as we can, and make sure we can turn around and put up a fight.
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Role-Playing Guidelines
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