Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   26/10/2013, 15:26

Guild Rules!
The following is a list of OOC rules we expect our members to follow. Breaking these will cause the officer crew to take action, ranging from a stern word to kicking repeating offenders from the guild.

General Behavior.
  • No out-of-character (OOC) chat in /s, /y or /e. These are not only guild rules, but also server rules. Even if Blizzard does not enforce these rules, we, as an RP guild, do!
  • Using brackets for OOC chat in /s, /y or /e, is not allowed. Take your OOC chatter to whispers or OOC channels.
  • All our members are expected to stay in-character as much as possible, especially around known role-playing hubs and locations. Don't go AFK in the middle of a busy place unless you want your character to be considered meditating or sleeping. Don't mount your big toasty out-of-character dragon where everyone can see it and expect no-one to respond to it.
  • Be polite in out of character channels everywhere. Be polite to other players, even in raid finder. Anything you do or say reflects back on the guild, and we like to uphold a certain standard of civility.
  • No out-of-character ganking or griefing of other players.

Once a Marauder, always a Marauder.
  • A player only has to apply once.
  • Players that have or have had a character in the guild are always welcome to join our channel, post on the forums, or return to the guild any time they want to.
  • Players may bring their alts into the guild without additional applications! However, each character has it's own individual standing in the warband, and every character has to do an in-character interview.
  • Characters can be kicked from the guild and given an "Outsider" rank without the player having to leave the guild or the community.
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Guild Rules
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