Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 Changes to the forums!

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PostSubject: Changes to the forums!   26/10/2013, 17:28

Hello Shatterskulls!

You must have notices a couple of changes to the forum lay-out! Don't panic!

All of the old threads are still preserved. But they may have moved to a different location.

The officer crew is in the process of overhauling and updating the forums, and the information that can be found on them. We're doing this to accomplish the following prime directives:
  • Reduce clutter and bloating.
  • Increase readability.
  • Make it more inviting to member participation.

The following changes to the forum structure have been made:
  • Events and Planning and The Adventures have been merged to form Role-Playing.
    In the Role-Playing section you will be able to find all information about upcoming and past role-playing events, the current state of the warband, and in-character notifications.
  • General Discussion, The PvP Corner, Marauder Raiding, Marauder Crafting, WoW discussion and Lore Discussion have all been merged into a new forum, called Game Related.
    In Game Related you will be able to find all information and discussions related to the game that where spread out over all the separate forums before.
  • The Tales and Character Biographs have been merged to form The Story Board.
    The Story Board is the place to share stories about your characters' backgrounds and thoughts.

That cleaned up a bit, didn't it?

The main Shatterskull Marauders public board has been updated with current information about guild rules, ranks, regiments, all of that good stuff.

Please have a look at a new thread in Game Related called "What do you enjoy most?" and help us shape the Marauder experience to your preference!
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Changes to the forums!
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