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 General Announcement and Update

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PostSubject: General Announcement and Update   15/4/2014, 23:15

Right, firstly I would like to reassure everyone that the warband is still alive and kicking. The past two weeks has seen standards slip, lack of random rp, several events and a lack of a chieftain. So I would like to apologise for this.

Secondly I wish to add that the Marauders that have left recently have departed on friendly terms. They will still be about and rping so feel free to join in with them should you/they want to do so.

This leads onto the second part. Eludir. Aka Lakato.
As such it is the rare step that I am taking to perma-ban him from the Marauders. Please be vigilante in making sure he doesn't cause the good name of the warband any harm.

The warband has also been restructured due to low numbers. This means a sad farewell to the Raptors until such times that we have enough to repopulate them. Those with close combat skills will be reassigned to the hammers. Those with specialist and ranged skills will be placed into the circle, which will no longer be primarily a magic using group.

With the raptors being removed this leaves Hikka being promoted to Second-in-command. (On a side note I know that Hikka hasn't been on much, but this is a personal IC thing between Hikka and Himo in agreement to Himo becoming chieftain).

The warband is also looking to fill in newly vacated officer slots. As such those wanting to lead and those that are willing to take the time to do rp events please whisper me in game and we will chat about the possibility.

Lastly the warband has moved to Orgrimmar, the new base will be situated there until the upcoming new plot line(s) are upon us. Those of oathsworn or higher have been asked to recruit as much as possible during this time.

And lastly last, I know things haven't been looking too brilliant of late, but I promise that there will be many and exciting things coming up and ask for a little patience for myself and the officer team to pull it together for you.

Thank you- Himo

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PostSubject: Re: General Announcement and Update   16/4/2014, 01:35

Yay! We're awesome Smile

Just needed to say that Smile

... may be slightly drunk
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PostSubject: Re: General Announcement and Update   16/4/2014, 08:50

I guess right know what we need is über cool campaigns like http://www.defiasrp.com/t7947-h-battle-for-thousand-needles-interest-check or the one Exolth planned. If you are planning something, opening a new thread for it and giving all the marauders a chance to comment and plan for it would be awesome. Could bring our nice little community even closer to each other, and make no one ever to leave (muahahaha). Thats what we need to keep marauding! I'm sure this lack of RP is only temporarily. We'll rise once again. :]

Oh. I don't understand why did Shriu even bother to chat with him. I would just have ignored. Very Happy

ps. I'm raptor forevah!
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PostSubject: Re: General Announcement and Update   16/4/2014, 11:47

There are already events up for the next couple weeks and there's more on the back burner. We already saw the Dawnchaser thread (and replied a couple times). We're just waiting to see how/when they want to do things.

Why did I reply? Because I don't take shit from low-life turds that try to piss me off. I had no idea where the chat would be going, but damn am I glad he finally showed his true colors.

Also I didn't want to do anything, but he won't let it go (disrupting RP, creating "Shat-a Skull Marauders", bad mouthing us), so
If Lakato/Zoréna/Eludir bothers you or the guild, report him for harassment.

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PostSubject: Re: General Announcement and Update   

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General Announcement and Update
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