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 Putin application

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PostSubject: Putin application   24/4/2014, 00:32

1) I have tried RP before, not for long but i had my duties. Iam not very experienced however i understand the concept. And very much would like to improve and learn more!

2) I just hit lvl 90 and my main goal was active pvp and RP. I got link and interest note from "Shriukan" in trade chat. Also i did ask around and got good feedback!

3) Healthy schizofrenia? No, jokes aside i think IT fits me and since i enjoy good stories and adventures!

4) First you need to follow certain rules, and ofc respect others, and stay in character. And dont be self centered i guess.

5) I can raid even if IT was never my main thing. Iam good att following tactics and i dont try wipe team standing in wrong places Smile I have some raiding exp, but not since wotlk.

6) Pvp is my everything! I havent tried rated bg yet, but sure do look forward to it! I have 2,3k arena exp. I have been gladiator titled before and i even have a glad mount Smile

7) As mentioned before, through trade chat with "Shriukan".

"IC" Questions

1) The name is Putin, friend call me "Vlad". Iam a Healthy Orc from the Frostwolf clan.

2) because when alone then you cant achieve much, and since your reputation is fierce then It should match my ambition!

3) most things i do is mainly for the sake of the horde. And important things rarely comes without a fight, and as an Orc fighting runs in my blood. So the anwer can only be, yes.

4) I have lived in the colder parts of the world, yet by blood is warmer then most. Iam a student of warfare, i try to understand the elements and listen to what others tend to ignore. I always strive to be stronger and wiser than i was yesterday. I enjoy reading and spend most of my free time for myself.

5) I always thought that titels should honor those that have them, rather than the opposite. I look forward fighting side by side with you, and also compare my power with you. Iam strong and fierce like Amy Orc, but my true strenght lies in my mind. I tend to destroy my opponents mentaly first, before physicaly.

7) Well i dont find great weight in Words when proving things. The only way you may find out is through battle and my actions. Most fears fear itself, others tend to ignore it, me i choose to understand it and use it!

Cool This is clearly a loyality test, but i see it different. Since my friends(from the Marauders) was heading my way, IT means they where trying to help me and my city. The only right thing i would do was abondon my post, but make sure to let others at the Wall know of this even if IT would make me a traitor. With force (if neccesary) i would leave as fast as i can, rescue my friends. And together with them, hit the enemy in the back. Even if battle was won, and i later was banished from my home, IT wouldt matter. The only thing that matters is life.

(Even if leaving my position in secret, i would still do that, because if not for me then my Marauder friends would be heading there in the first place nor captured)
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PostSubject: Re: Putin application   24/4/2014, 11:04

The app looks nice just one problem-the name.I understand it's a reference to Putin but you could either download MRP and change your name there or get a payed name change from Blizz or we could try reporting the name enough so you can get a free one.

"I know what I have become... I am the inside of this world... I taste the gore, and I smell the crying... AND I WANT MORE! I want to bathe in your flesh, I want to savor your fear. I wanna live inside a castle built of your agony, AND I WANT TO CRUMBLE IT WITH AN AXE TO YOUR CAROTID ARTERY!"
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PostSubject: Re: Putin application   24/4/2014, 13:35

Whats wrong with Putin :O ?
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PostSubject: Re: Putin application   24/4/2014, 13:46

WoW's naming policy says that..
Minor violations include any names that consist of any references to the real world, including people and places (Britneyspears, Newyork, Austinpowers). Also national connotations could become a problem. -> https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/naming-policy <-

And to be honest, even if it sounds fun i don't think roleplaying Orc named as 'Vlad Putin' is very good idea. Razz  Luckily problem is easily avoided as Vick mentioned.
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PostSubject: Re: Putin application   24/4/2014, 14:22

Iam sorry but the name stays.
Thank you for your time, i will now consider my application cancelled.
I shall continue my search for an RP guild elsewhere, maby our paths will cross in coming future.

Good luck all Marauders with your RP! "Vlad"
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PostSubject: Re: Putin application   

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Putin application
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