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 IMPORTANT!!! Registering issues

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT!!! Registering issues   28/3/2008, 01:50


If you've registered to this forum, you may have difficulties with posting or gaining entrance to some of the parts of the whole forum.

The reason this happens, is because in the adminpanel (all the Warcallers and Stormseers, got entrance to the admin account and thus the adminspanel) there needs to be done some preferences for your account, to be able to enter the right forum parts.
The forum-group descriptions should tell you to wich part of these you should be able to read/post.

If you've registered for some time now and still don't have all the rights you should be able to have, please don't hesitate to pm one of our Stormseers or Warcallers.
We can promise you we'll take care of your forum-rights as soon as one of us is online and has the chance to take care of it.

Also for other registration issues, don't hesitate to PM one of the the guild-officers.
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IMPORTANT!!! Registering issues
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