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 What We Can Offer You: Roleplaying

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PostSubject: What We Can Offer You: Roleplaying   12/7/2010, 05:17

[Last updated by Maximus, 12/7/10 at 4AM (give me my coffee nao!)]

So you want to know about roleplaying with the Shatterskull Marauders? Excellent. Take up a stool, grab a drink and prepare to learn about all of the roleplaying opportunities you will have with the Shatterskull Marauders!

Characters. Every character is unique. The Marauders are built upon the characters within our ranks, and we value the development and history of each one. Your character will shape the future of our guild, and our guild will shape the future of your character. Whether your character is having a drink at the tavern with a few friends or riding into battle to the sound of warcries they will always be at the heart of our immersive, interactive, living and breathing tale!

With the Marauders you can always expect to have a roleplaying event in your calendar!
In addition to our meetings every Saturday night on Fray Island we provide you with linear-story events, huge background plots, server-wide events such as performances by the Dancing Cavalliers, World-RP-PvP battles with other server factions with real-time objectives and combat, gatherings and much, much more! At the end of this post there is an example timetable* of the sort of events you can expect with the marauders.

Fray Island, Dalaran Inn, Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, in fact - you'll find marauders taking part in unplanned RP almost anywhere! You can expect to find RP every single day when you join the marauders. This unscheduled (and often spontaneous) roleplaying boasts a lot of variety - it can range from being a casual social get-together, personal storylines or even to covering one of the Vile Thorns in tar and feathers and then parading them around as punishment for spying on us (yes, this really did happen and everybody involved had a great time. Arli was such a good sport about it and I eagerly await the day that he gets his revenge on Maximus {^.^} <3)!

Unfortunately with roleplaying often comes some extra, unwanted OOC baggage - X doesn't like way that Y's character behaves, Z thinks that W is lorebreaking et cetera. However, with the Marauders and the Venture Co you can expect minimal drama! The Venture Co has a very mature community, who understand clearly that IC problems are dealt with IC'ly, and that any OOC issues are to be resolved in a mature and reasonable discussion.

Overall the Marauders will provide you with a unqiue roleplaying experience. Our friendly community, is the largest and oldest Roleplaying guild on the server with a deep and rich history involving
hundreds of player characters, regular events and storylines! The Marauders are the ideal place rerollers/migrators who are looking for roleplaying on The Venture Co.!

Thank you for having an interest in the marauders and reading this information, we hope to see you soon =).

*To give you an example of planned events here are a selection of events that were created by the Marauders during July 2010 (excluding our weekly Saturday night meetings):

(Linear) The Banquet - A banquet is to be held in Silvermoon City, at the behest of the Lady
Evella Sunshield! All are welcome to attend and drink, and be merry!
That is...of course, so long as nothing else occurs! A Linear RP! NPCs
needed, contact me if intrested! 28th June, 20:30.

(Linear) Diving into the Bright Darkness - The Darkness that lurks within the spirit world can no longer be
ignored. Thergaron steps forward to perform a cleansing ritual, calling
on the warriors of Shatterskull to support him in his cause and keep
possible cultists at bay. Meet at Fray. 1st July, 20:00.

(Gathering) The Midsummer Fire Festival - Hosted in Orgrimmar, the Midsummer Fire Festival seeks to bring in and
honour the fire of the Summers! All are welcome to attend, that are
Horde RPers! We shall perhaps do a pilgrimage along the length and
breadth of Kalimdor to celebrate the fires! 3rd July, 20:00.

(World-RP-PvP) Extinguish The Eastern Kingdoms - As Midsummer draws to a close the world marches to war! this event is
to encourage a massive RP PvP event to entinguish the Alliance flames
in the Eastern Kingdoms, while similarly the Alliance will hopefully
try to douse our own! 4th July, 19:30.

(Linear) The Depths - In the depths of the Silithus desert, something stirs. Forces are
moving and whisphers of a great beast from the past spread quickly. Who
knows what may be found in the depths below? All Horde RPers invited.
Five man team, monsters are needed! 12th July, 20:30.

(Gathering) The Dancing Cavalliers - The FINEST entertainers in Azeroth return, to put on a one night only
play! Bound to be funny, and bound to draw in a crowd and be a RP event
for all to remember! Actors are required, contact me for more details!
All are invited! Starts in Thunder Bluff! 17th July, 21:00.

(Gathering) The Altera Works Second Meeting - The second meeting of a new age of unification between the Horde's
Guilds and Organisations. A meeting will be held concerning the enemies
of the Horde, our aims and objectives. EVERY HORDE RPER IS WELCOME. 31st July, 20:30.

- Bloodseeker Maximus Quickfoot Skyseer, (teh sexeh cow!)
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What We Can Offer You: Roleplaying
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