Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 Compilation of Informative Threads for New Recruits.

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PostSubject: Compilation of Informative Threads for New Recruits.   12/7/2010, 05:34

This is a Work In Progress

This is somewhat of a double post. Here'll you'll find links to all of the information a potential recruit could need.

The Basics
Basic and introductory information about the marauders:

What The Marauders Expect From You: http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/what-the-marauders-expect-from-you-t933.htm

What We Can Offer You
A series of threads detailing all of the opportunities that you can expect within the Shatterskull roleplaying community:

What We Can Offer You: Roleplaying - http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/what-we-can-offer-you-roleplaying-t924.htm

What We Can Offer You: Community - http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/what-we-can-offer-you-community-t926.htm

What We Can Offer You: Raiding - http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/what-we-can-offer-you-raiding-t927.htm

What We Can Offer You: PvP - http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/what-we-can-offer-you-pvp-t929.htm#16929

A History of the Shatterskull Marauders (years 1-4)
The story of the first four years of the Shatterskull Marauders, written by the lovely Skully - http://shatterskulls.4rumer.com/the-shatterskull-marauders-f1/shatterskull-marauders-history-years-1-4-t670.htm
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Compilation of Informative Threads for New Recruits.
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