Welcome to the forum of the Shatterskull Marauders, a World of Warcraft guild residing on the Argent Dawn server.
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 What We Can Offer You: Community

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PostSubject: What We Can Offer You: Community   12/7/2010, 06:05

[Last updated by Maximus, 12/7/10 at 5AM (I promise I'll go sleep in two hours or so...)]

The OOC community is the very core of the Shatterskull Marauders. With currently more than 100 active members our friendly community is expanding faster than ever before
(We have more than 500 members in total, because we hold the philosophy of "once a Marauder always a Marauder" and so don't kick people for inactivity).

In the Marauders you can expect to make friends very quickly. The community is incredibly close, welcoming and helpful.

Our OOC channel, MaraudersOOC is always full of activity, the conversation on that channel is epic beyond description, we can go from having an incredibly deep, and reflective philosophical discussion on Epistemology or an awe-filled discussion about the true beauty of the self-inquiring sentient universe to complaining about how Dominos Pizza's comlimentary Garlic and Herb Dip has too much bloody vinegar in it and completely ruins a good slice of pizza!

Outside of WoW, the Marauder forums (giving a link would be superfluous at this moment) provide the ideal place for discussion. At a total of 16,500 posts and counting you can talk about lore, do some forum-RP, share with us a story, shows us your artwork and music, take part in a forum-game, talk about other games, discuss politics et cetera et cetera - there is space for absolutely anything that you can think of in the forums (I'll regret saying that in a few weeks)!

If you want to get involved with and meet some of your marauder friends in the real world there are plenty of opportunities for that too! There have been meet-up events in England, Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands, and more! Furthermore many of our members enjoy LARP'ing (Live Action Roleplay, roleplaying in real life) and there's the chance to participate in some of this too if you're interested.

It's the community that I love the most about the Shatterskull Marauders. It's The Venture Co. community which I love most about WoW. Our community will leave you with many fond memories!

Thank you for having an interest in the marauders and reading this information, we hope to see you soon =)

- Stormseer Maximus Quickfoot Skyseer,

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What We Can Offer You: Community
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