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 What The Marauders Expect From You

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PostSubject: What The Marauders Expect From You   12/7/2010, 17:43

The Shatterskull Marauders are primarily a roleplaying guild and all of our members must be roleplayers, who have given proper thought to their character and story. Being new to roleplaying and not understanding much about it isn't a crime, and we're more than happy to help out anyone who is interested in roleplaying. If you are new to RP please let us know so that you aren't seen as a 'troll' or 'lolboi'.

Courtesy is mandatory. Please be polite to others, in and out of the guild. If you are calling everybody "noobs that should L2P" in an instance then it not only makes you look 'noobish' and childish, but also reflects badly on the guild. Similarly getting into a pointless fight on the OOC channel will not be tolerated.

Showing up to events that you've signed up to.
We can understand times when you can't make it or have forgotten, but if you are regularly not showing up to things which you have signed for there is a problem. More importantly you should be attending RP events regularly - raiding, PvP and other activites with the guild are simply extras. I'm not suggesting that you should show up to every single bit of RP that happens, but if we don't ever see you IC'ly then there is, again, a problem.

For PvP. Ganking is allowed, corpse camping is not. And while the server allows for PvP during other people rp events, we do NOT. Disrupting rp events with unwanted PvP will get you a fast kick out of the doors.

Behave everywhere you go. This ties in with courtesy, respect other players and play by Blizzard's rules.

If you live up to these very basic expectations then you're sure to have a brilliant time with the Marauders, and are helping to make the experience just as good for everybody else.
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What The Marauders Expect From You
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