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 A dusty old scroll {grey item}

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PostSubject: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   24/7/2010, 11:02

{As the old and slightly parchment opens up you see big runes covering the inside. Big as could be if using a really big fether, and some ink stains as if the writer was not that good at writing yet}

Hail mighty champions of the horde!
I, Uckk, hereby request permission to join your mighty warband! Ever since I was a little hoofling my grandfather told me stories of old days and how I should grow up to be a big and strong tauren. I am currently out on my naming quest to prove myself to be worthy to bear my familly name Blackmane and what better way to show my worth then to seek adventure?

I hope that I will be allowed to join your warband. I shall do my best to please the elements and prove myself worthy to both my tribe and you. My club and my life are yours to command.

As my venture into the great unknown just has begun I might not have that much wisdom to give to you, but the might of the elements will power my walk in life. Our enemys will suffer the might of my lightning, as many wolfs and plainstriders allready have!

I have not encountered the fabeled alliance or other enemys yet, but all who stand against the power of the horde shall fail!

My most priced posession? My life. The earth mother has bestowed me with the gift of life, and the elements has given me the power to do battle. Besides from this, I have no great posessions of value. Even with this I seem to have a big problem fitting all the strange objects that strangers want me to get for them in my backpack. I do not understand why people do not do their tasks themselfs, but as a well mannered Tauren I will of course help my elders.

This warband I heared about in a tale back in my village several full moons ago. After hearing the tales about your bravery I got inspired to join your struggle against the evil humans, the greedy dwarfs and the blood thirsty gnomes! I am not sure that I beleave the tales of big, blue, hoofed creatures with a tail. My grandfather used to talk about them sometimes, but I think that I can spot a childs tale when I hear one!

I hope that you will take me in as I have the same brave heart as you do, even though my experience in battle are not as yours yet.

Me in a word? Uckk…?

My name is Daniel and I used to play ”real” roleplaying games before I started with WoW. I started to play on the alliance side on Sylvanas, but lacked the rp part of the game. I found a RP guild on Venture co and used the paid character transfer to move a character here (still alliance side) but it was a big disapointment. They raided but the ”rp” was limited to fishing competitions and things like that. OOC speak was destroying any atmosphere for me so I left. While trying to find a good rp guild on the alliance side on the forums I discovered your guild and saw that it seemed to be just what I have been looking for. I want in on world pvp, I want in on some rp, and later on (when I have a lvl 80 here) I would like to join for heroics, raids etc.
My current character Uckk is a lvl 10 shaman. My fiancee who play with me play a lvl 10 paladin. If we are allowed in and like it, we will take under discussion if we should level up these to level 80 or do a fraction change of our two druids that are now on the alliance side (not sure if she would want to play female tauren). Either way, if we like it in the guild we will have two lvl 80 characters in the guild for the release of the expansion. Professions is of little importance as we will likely change what we have to whatever feels needed for us in the situation when we hit lvl 80.

We have not tried the arena yet, and good world pvp (invading towns etc) we have not gotten the chanse to do. We want to try to act in character and get some rp feeling to the game, but we are not experienced from any “real” rp guild in World of warcraft. The battlegrounds and pve (levling, instances, raiding, seasonal events etc) are all good, but we prefer to avoid pugs as ooc talk, bad behaviour and rude people easily can destroy a lot. Having fun and having atmosphere when I play are more important then getting better dropps.

What I hope to find in your guild is some rp. We might be a bit new to how rp works in world of warcraft, but I am sure we will pick up fast! Other from that we are two grown up, mature and social players. My fiancee has never raided before, I have cleared the first 6 bosses in Icc 10 (not on this character though…).
Hope to hear from you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   24/7/2010, 11:38

*Glances briefly at the parchment..*

((Everything sounds alright, someone will contact you soon, but all is in order, also make sure to check out the other fine RP guilds this server has to offer *nods*))
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PostSubject: Re: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   24/7/2010, 13:43

[OOC]: Wow, that is probably the best applcation that I have seen in a long time. If nobody has contacted you by the time I end up online I'll be sure to do so, it'd be great to have both you and your fiancé in the Marauders.
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PostSubject: Re: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   25/7/2010, 20:24

Ukkk wrote:
(not sure if she would want to play female tauren)
She is weird! We Rock!
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PostSubject: Re: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   27/7/2010, 23:29

Contacted, informed and invited. You'll have a great time with the Shatterskull Marauders =).
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PostSubject: Re: A dusty old scroll {grey item}   

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A dusty old scroll {grey item}
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