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 Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}

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PostSubject: Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}   7/8/2010, 12:17

My name is Urusuz of the Blackmane clan. I am searching for a young tauren named Uckk who has disappeared. He was training to become a shaman, but he disappeared from his home village one moon ago. As he has always been very interested in tales of adventure, the elders of the clan suspects that he might have ran away from home to perform some heroic deed to prove himself worthy of his family name. His mother asked me to go search for him, and my first stop was Thunder bluff. Several people could recall seeing a very young tauren who called himself by Uckk. As he had asked around for the way to Ogrimar, and if anyone knew how to get into contact with the leaders of the Shatterskull marauders I suspected that he might have came here and made contact with you.

Uckk is a fine young tauren, but he is not of age yet. My task is to find him and make sure that he returns home to complete his training. He might be destined for great things, but not quite yet. I would like to ask of you to help me in this search. On behalf of the Blackmane clan I wow to take over any responsibillities he might have accepted in Ogrimar.

Me and my fiancée created two characters on this server to see if we liked this guild. We get invited, and we said that if we liked the people in the guild enough we would make a fraction change of our two lvl 80 druids. It did not take long for us to decide that this guild seemed very nice and now we have moved our druids.
I am not sure if we are allowed to only have one character in the guild or an alt also, as we are not full members. But we would like or lvl 80´s to be brought in to the guild. If we only can have one character here please kick out Uckk and Schecka to make place for Ursuz (my character) and Moonnica (my fiancée, and yes she made a female tauren).

From a roleplaying perspective it will be more fun to play a more mature character then the unsecure youngster Uckk. From a guild perspective we will be more fun to your others as lvl 80´s, when we can take part in more guild activities.
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PostSubject: Re: Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}   7/8/2010, 16:27

Quote :
I see "Moo" In there =[
Kidding by the way, we always need more tauren =P
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PostSubject: Re: Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}   8/8/2010, 20:08

Uckk, i'lln watch out for you both in game and get you invited as soon as is nescessary. No interview, automatic acceptance.

- Skully

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PostSubject: Re: Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}   

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Letter from Thunder bluff {grey item}
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